BA in Education and Design or Fine Art

The BA (Hons) in Education and Design or Fine Art programme provides an integrated programme in art and design and initial teacher education, to facilitate the personal, social, intellectual and practical growth of students, preparing them for professional careers as teachers & artists or designers.

The undergraduate programme is facilitated by a close integration of the disciplinary base of Art and Design within the Schools of Fine Art and Design, the systematic provision of Contextual Studies through the School of Visual Culture and the incremental provision of Education Studies and of Professional Studies and Teaching Practicums (school placements) from within the School of Education.

The 240-credit honours degree model of Education with Design or Fine Art is provided over a four-year period to allow for sufficient exposure to both the subject disciplines and the professional formation in teaching.

The programme fulfils the requirements for accreditation by the Teaching Council as a qualification for employment in the post-primary and further education sectors in Ireland.

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BA in Education and Design or Fine Art Programme Specification

Programme Structure
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
CE1-4 Studio 1A-1 FA2-1 Discipline Projects (o) *FA3-3 Studio Practices (o) ED4-1 Professional Practice 7
CE1-5 Studio 1A-2 ED2-3 Special Education Needs *FA3-2 Studio Research (o) *FA3-3 Studio Practices (o)
ED1001 Learning & Professional Practice (Education) 1A FA2-2 Studio Practices & Exhibition Strategies (o) ED3-1 Professional Practice 4 ED4-2 School Placement Block 2
CE1-6 Studio 1B-1 Fine Art (o) ED2-1 Professional Practice 2 ED3-2 School Placement Block 1 ED4-3 Professional Practice 8
CE1-7 Studio 1B-2 Fine Art (o) ED2-4 Arts Mentoring DES3-2 Design Studio 3A DES3-4 Design Studio 3B (o)
ED1002 Professional Practice (Education) 1 ED 2-2 Professional Practice 3 ED3-3 Professional Practice 5 *FA3-2 Studio Research (o)
VC1-1 Introduction to Key Concepts in Art & Design 1 DES2-6 Design Studio 2A (o) DES3-1 Design Research 3A (o) ED4-4 Professional Practice 9
VC1-2 Introduction to Key Concepts in Art & Design 2 DES2-5 Design Research2A (o) ED3-4 Professional Practice 6 VC4-1 Contemporary Theories & Practices
CE1-6 Studio 1B-1 Design (o) VC2-1 Contemporary Theories and Practices 2A VC3-9 Visual Culture DES3-3 Design Research 3B (o)
CE1-7 Studio 1B-2   Design  (o) VC2-5 Contemporary Theories and Practices 2C    
  DES2-7 Design Research 2B (o)    
  DES2-8 Design Studio 2B (o)