BA in Design

The programme pathways in Design share generic aims and a common structure. This provides a coherent structure for the organisation, delivery and assessment of the programme while allowing each pathway to retain its own specialist practices, methods and competencies.

The School of Design’s undergraduate programme pathways share a common modular structure, providing a framework for the different disciplinary cultures within the School of Design to flourish.

Successive modules allow students to develop their specialist practice, their professional, technical and organisational skills and their knowledge and application of critical contexts.

Delivered by academic staff who are leading practitioners and researchers in their specialist fields, the curriculum is centred on contemporary discourses and practices. It spans a wide array of subject disciplines and engages with a variety of media, technologies, images, artefacts, texts, cultural contexts and professional practices.

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BA in Design Programme Specification


Year 1

Year 2

Studio +

Year 3

CE1-4 Studio 1A-1

DES2-3 Collaboration 2A

Design Bureau Extended 1

DES3-1 Design Research 3A

CE1-5 Studio 1A-2

DES2-5 Design Research 2A

Design Bureau Extended 2

DES3-2 Design Studio 3A

CE1-2 Learning & Professional Practice

DES2-6 Design Studio 2A

Design Bureau Major

DES3-3 Design Research 3B

CE1-6 Studio 1B-1

DES2-4 Collaboration 2B

Design Bureau Minor

DES3-4 Design Studio 3B

CE1-7 Studio 1B-2

DES2-7 Design Research 2B


DES3-5 Professional Practice

DES1-1 Professional Practice 2

DES2-8 Design Studio 2B


VC3 Visual Culture Research Project

VC1-1 Introduction to Key Concepts in Art & Design 1

VC2-1 Contemporary Theories and Practices 2A



VC1-2 Introduction to Key Concepts in Art & Design 2

VC2-5 Contemporary Theories and Practices 2B