Assessment Results

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2022-23 - Exam Boards and Published Results

Please take note of the following Exam Board dates for the remainder of the 2022-23 academic year:


Exam Board 1 Dates (All Students)

Date and time

Exam Board 1 meeting

January 27th – Friday - 10am 

Results on MyNCAD

February 3rd – Friday - 12pm

Deadline for Appeals

February 17th - Friday - 12pm 


Exam Board 2 Dates (Continuing Students)

Date and time

Exam Board 2 meeting

May 26th – Friday - 10am

Results on MyNCAD

June 2nd – Friday – 12pm

Deadline for Appeals

June 16th – Friday – 12pm


Exam Board 3 Dates (Final Award Students)

Date and time

Exam Board 3 meeting

June 16th – Friday - 10am

Results on MyNCAD

June 23rd – Friday - 12pm

Deadline for Appeals

July 7th – Friday - 12pm


 Exam Board 4 Dates (Post Graduate Students)

Date and time

Exam Board 4 meeting

September 8th – Friday - 10am

Results on MyNCAD

September 15th – Friday 12pm

Deadline for Appeals

September 29th – Friday 12pm


How to access Assessment Results online:

To access assessment results on the MyNCAD student portal, you will be required to enter your username and password.

  • Your username is your NCAD Student ID number, this is on your NCAD Student ID card and appears on all correspondence from NCAD.
  • Your password is what you use to access the NCAD wireless (wifi) network
  • Your results will be available to view on the ‘results’ tab on the left hand side of MyNCAD.
  • If you are still having trouble accessing your current set of results, try using the drop down menu on the left hand side here.

If you are having trouble accessing your results on MyNCAD please contact If you need to reset your password for MyNCAD, please email Please note NCAD does not provide results over the phone. 

Examination Appeals:

Lodging an appeal:

The closing date for lodging appeals arising out of all results be 14 days from the publication of the results online outlined above.  Late submissions will not be considered.

Students who wish to appeal their results should take the following steps:

1. Read the NCAD Assessment Appeals Policy and Procedures.

2. Meet with your Head of School or Head of Department to discuss your reason for considering an appeal.  If you would like to meet with the Head of Academic Affairs to discuss the issue please make an appointmnet through  or call in to the SS&A Student Information Desk near the student concourse to make an appointment. 

3. If you decide you wish to proceed with an appeal you should complete the Assessment Appeals Application Form and submit to the Head of Academic Affairs by the date indicated. 

NCAD Academic Regulations

Resit Fee Payment

Students who have not submitted all assignments or who have failed a module(s) will be notified by email to their College email address of the procedures to resubmit/repeat.

Payments should be made through the student portal MyNCAD. Please click on the Finance tab and follow directions on how to make a payment.

Outstanding Fees/ Levies / Fines: All students have access online to exam results - but in the event that a students has course or library fees outstanding, NCAD reserves the right to withhold results.  Please note that final award students will not be allowed to graduate and will not receive their degree parchment until all fees, levies and library fines are fully paid.

Time Out Deadline

The deadline for approval of Time Out requests in Trimester Two is 28th February 2023. If you wish to apply for Time Out, please ensure your request has been submitted to Academic Affairs for review prior to this date. You should return a completed time out form to Student Services & Admissions in advance of your requested period of Time Out. Please ensure that the School have also completed and signed Section C, before submitting the form to Student Services and Admissions.

Taking a leave of absence may have implications for fees and grants. If you are in receipt of a grant you are obliged to let your grant authority know of your change of status.

Academic Transcripts

Final award students - Final award students - A hard copy of your academic transcript will be sent to you two weeks after your results have been published on MyNCAD.

Continuing students – Hard copies of transcripts for non-award years are available upon request from Please note:  We do not issue soft copies of academic transcripts.