BA in Fine Art

The BA (Hons) Fine Art programme from the School of Fine Art has evolved in relation to wholesale changes to the existing undergraduate provision across the whole course offering at NCAD in relation to Fine Art, Design, Visual Culture, and Education. This course is part of the adoption of a 3+2 structure creating a momentum from undergraduate to Masters study consistent with professionalisation of the subject.

The BA Fine Art programme is conceived as a level 8, 3-year, modular programme of 90 weeks.  The programme conforms to two semesters per year of 15 weeks each.  The programme requires practical and intellectual experiential engagement in relation to inhabiting different and evolving models of art practice. It has a parallel Visual Culture engagement and a range of professional practice learning challenges and experiences. The School of Fine Art teaches Year 1 with colleagues from School of Design in a common period. The School of Fine Art has built sequential modules of teaching and learning outlined in this document. The School will also offer its modules in relation to joint programme 50/50 between Fine Art and Visual Culture. A joint programme between School of Education and the School of Fine Art is also offered.

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BA (Hons) in Fine Art Programme Specification


Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
CE1-4 Studio 1A-1 FA2-1 Discipline Projects FA3-1 Professional Practice 5
CE1-5 Studio 1A-2    
CE1-2 :Learning & Professional Practice FA2-2 Studio Practices and Exhibition Strategies FA3-2 Studio Research
CE1-6 Studio 1B-1 FA2-3 Professional Practice 3 FA3-3 Practice Resultion
CE1-7 Studio 1B-2    
FA1-1 Professional Practice 2 FA2-4 Professional Practice 4 VC3 Visual Culture Research Project
VC1-1 Introduction to Key Concepts in Art & Design 1 VC2-1 Contemporary Theories & Practices 2A  
VC1-2 Introduction to Key Concepts in Art & Design 2 VC2-5 Contemporary Theories & Practices 2C