MFA in Fine Art

The MFA in Fine Art within the School of Fine Art is designed as a taught programme to build upon the firm foundations established by the 3-year undergraduate programme within the School and its constituent disciplines.

The programme pathways in Painting, Sculpture, Print, Media, Ceramics / Glass and Textile Art & Artefact share a common and divergent practice-led research and professional development ethos enabled by different experiences and attitudes to the contemporary field.  A module of research methods prepares students from the broadest range of undergraduate backgrounds with the practical and theoretical means to tailor their specialist and named pathway of postgraduate study.  It offers students flexibility in their mode of study and interpretation of the curriculum while providing support for the development of their specialism.

Successive and elective modules allow students to develop their practice, their professional, technical and organisational skills and their knowledge and application of critical contexts.

MFA in Fine Art Programme Specifications


Year 1 Year 2

PGVC1001 Introduction to Research Methods (c)

PGACW-1 Contemporary Art Practices 1 - Discourse (o)

FAPG 1-1 Practice Lab - Fine Art (c)

PGACW-6 Art & Writing 1 - Varieties of Criticism (o)

FAPG 1-5 Art Seminars 1 (c)

Exploring Fine Art Practice (o)

FAPG 1-4 Practice Pathways - Fine Art (c)

Discipline Seminars 3 (o)

FAPG 1-6 Art Seminars 2 (c)

 FAPG 2-5 Major Practice Project Fine Art (c)

PGACW-1 Contemporary Art Practices 1 - Discourse (c)

FAPG 2-6 - Professional Development (c)

(c) = Core module

(o) = module option