International Postgraduate

NCAD is home to students from countries around the world. Here, you will find information on the International Postgraduate application process.

Application Process

International Applicants apply to NCAD in the same way as those applying from Ireland. All applications are made through our website. The application process for each programme can be a little bit different. Go to our full list of available programmes and their requirements at this link

Application Fee

  • The fee for applications in NCAD is €55.00 

  • NCAD does not waive this fee

Submitting Documents

  • If your documents are not in English then you will need to provide a certified translation

  • We ask that you provide all documents in your home language and the certified translation. 

Conditional Offers

  • NCAD do make conditional offers in some cases.

  • These will only be issued after an application has been submitted and reviewed.

When we do not issue conditional offers
  • If the applicant has not submitted a Portfolio (where required)

  • If the applicant has not submitted a Statement of Interest (where required)

  • If the applicant has not submitted a Research Proposal (where required)

  • If the applicant has not paid the application fee. 

Full Offers/Offer Letters

We understand that an Offer letter may be a requirement for your application for a Visa to Study in Ireland. If you are made a full offer by NCAD it will be by email. We can issue this offer letter on headed paper. We can email you a scanned copy or send you a hard copy in the post. You can request this by emailing 

NCAD will only issue Offer Letters in respect of applications where
  • the applicant has met all of the requirements for their programme

  • academic staff in NCAD have reviewed all of the material in the application 

  • the applicant has passed the interview stage (if required)

English Language Requirements

  • All programmes in NCAD are taught through English.

  • International Postgraduate Applicants are asked to provide proof of their English Language Proficiency.

  • Full details of acceptable tests and the standard required can be found at the following link English Language Requirement.

Scholarships & Funding

  • Scholarship opportunities are extremely limited in NCAD. You can find full information here

  • Please note: NCAD does not offer scholarships on a discretionary basis. Scholarships/Reduced fees are only offered in specific cases which you can read about. See more here

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