International Exchange / Erasmus

NCAD welcomes applications from all over the world and is home to students from over 40 countries, creating a culturally rich community, populated by people with curious and creative minds who love to challenge, debate, imagine and create.

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Opportunities for staff and students to travel abroad and for incoming staff and students to visit NCAD can be found below:

Incoming Exchange Applicants

Incoming Exchange Applicants

Every year NCAD welcomes more than 50 Exchange students from partner universities. Applications are accepted for either the Autumn or Spring Trimesters.

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Outgoing Exchange Applicants

Did you know you can study abroad as part of your programme at NCAD? Click to find out more about this opportunity.

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Traineeships / Internships / Placements

NCAD students can undertake traineeships abroad as part of the BA International / Studio+ year. Recent graduates can also avail of this opportunity.

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Erasmus for NCAD Staff

NCAD Staff can undertake either a training or teaching mobility. More details here.

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