Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Futures, Bold and Curious, NCAD's Vision, Values, Strategy 2019-2024

Futures, Bold and Curious  sets out the mission, values and strategic focuses that will shape the next phase of NCAD’s influential and extraordinary life.

In the context of NCAD’s history as a provider of education for more than 250 years, this Strategic Plan considers what it really means to be an institute of art and design in contemporary Ireland. As an institution, we asked ourselves what will the world into which our students will emerge be like, and what can we do to help prepare them to meet that future with confidence, ambition and impact? Such points of critical reflection are vital in the life-cycle of an institution such as NCAD. A year-long process of consultation with students, colleagues and key stakeholders revealed that while our four schools have a great diversity of practice and making, shared beliefs and ambitions underpin all NCAD’s work.

The Board and staff have a shared belief in the transformative potential of an NCAD education to equip our graduates with the bold curiosity and the new thinking which society critically needs. We are ambitious to find new ways to work with each other and the wider community, to continuously redefine and expand the boundaries of creative practice, to make a difference and, as our mission states,  to change the world.

This Strategic Plan captures these ambitions. It sets out what we will do over the next five years to deliver on this mission. We are confident that F utures, Bold and Curious will support this generation of NCAD students to play a vital role in shaping society.

Professor Sarah Glennie,
Our Vision: Changing the world through bold and curious thinking, making and doing.
Our Values:  - Bold and Curious Thinking - Distinction - Diversity - Respect - Relevance
Our Strategic Focus 2019-2024 : 
  • To embed BOLD and CURIOUS LEARNING at our core 

NCAD Vision, Values, Strategy 2019-2024 Strategic Plan pdf

Futures, Bold and Curious, Welcome to NCAD