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CPD Workshops for Art Teachers Summer 2019

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Post-Primary Summer Courses 2019.

Look and Respond to Visual Culture through Digital Media in NCAD.

Open to: Art teachers only
Venue: Room 211, School of Education, NCAD.
Facilitator: David Cotter
Dates: 8-12th July (20 hours)

Over the course of this week-long summer course participants will work in groups to devise a stop motion animation based on a Visual Culture (Historical or Contemporary Art) theme. They will plan their shoot using standard methods - storyboard, shot list, prop list etc. Participants will shoot their film and learn how to save their work on cloud based storage. The teachers will film each other in front of solid colour backgrounds and digitally remove that background from the footage. They will composite their Chroma keyed footage into another background and add audio and text. Participants will create a poster/CD cover/DVD cover through digital, layered photo manipulation using images taken on a digital camera/from the web. Teachers will be asked to compile, edit, publish and share completed works online. The group will curate an online gallery of work completed over the course of the week. Participants will engage in planning for a unit of learning in Digital Media, individually and/or collaboratively. The cost of the workshop is €75.

Book through NCAD:
STEP 1 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SummerCPD2019

Ceramics for Well Being

Open to: Primary and Post-Primary Art teachers
Venue: Ceramics area, NCAD.
Facilitator: Brigitta Seck
Dates: 8-12th July (20 hours)

This summer course has been specifically designed for Art teachers and Primary teachers with an interest in Ceramics. Over the five days of the summer course Art teachers will explore and experience Well Being through the medium of clay. Participants will create ceramic artefacts using Pinch, Coil and Slab Building techniques. They will experiment and engage in various Slab Decoration techniques e.g. Under glaze, Stencil, Sgraffito and Layering. Participants will learn how to pack a ceramic kiln; apply Bat Wash to kiln shelves; explore firing cycles and ramps. Work made during the course will not be fired but arrangements can be made to have it fired at a later date. Various methods of assessment will be utilised with the summer course participants which can be applied in their classrooms when they return to their schools.

Book through:
Blackrock Education Centre  https://blackrockec.ie/cpd-courses-2/summer-courses.html

Explore Construction and Lens Culture through Visual Culture in NCAD

Open to: Primary and Post-Primary Art teachers
Venue: Room 210, School of Education, NCAD.
Facilitator: Sarah Edmondson
Dates: 8-12th July (20 hours)

Develop your visual literacy skills through the analysis of imagery, drawing, construction and photography. You will be guided through a design process, reinterpreting historical and contemporary artworks to create an original construction using paper and card. Lights, gels and filters will be used to photograph your construction, creating dramatic shadows and alternative compositions. New work and ideas emerging as you move between mediums, moving back and forth between 2D and 3D modes of representation will be compiled into a visual diary documenting your process and methodologies used over the five days of the summer course. 

Book through:
Dublin West Education Centre  https://www.dwec-courses.com/summer-courses.html

Re-imaging the Italian Renaissance through Drawing & Painting in NCAD

Open to: Primary and Post-Primary Art teachers
Venue: Room 212, School of Education, NCAD.
Facilitator: Anne-Marie Keaveney
Dates: 19th-23rd August (20 hours)

During the five-day summer course participants will examine and explore the potential of selected Renaissance images and re-image them through Drawing and Painting under the expert guidance of Art Historian and Painter, Anne-Marie Keaveney. Work will be executed in acrylics on prepared paper and issues of Composition, Colour mixing and Mark Making will all be explored, collectively as well as by individual tuition.  Advice and guidance will be given on editing the images, preliminary drawings, preparation of painting supports as well as paint application and a variety of painting techniques.

Book through:
Drumcondra Education Centre  https://ecdrumcondra-courses.com/summer-courses.html