MA / MFA in Art in the Contemporary World

The MA / MFA in Art in the Contemporary World provides a broad student-led approach to the study of contemporary art practice and discourse.

The programme offers an opportunity for focused engagement with the varied challenges of today’s most ambitious art, bridging the relationship between theory and practice by creating exciting study options for artists, curators and writers.  We welcome graduates from a variety of backgrounds, including fine art, art history, philosophy, literature, film studies, architecture, communications, or design.

Students follow a common programme in the first two semesters and then follow a distinct MA or MFA path.

The documents linked below are for general information only and may be subject to change.

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MA / MFA ACW Programme Specification Form


MA / MFA Semester 1 MA / MFA Semester 2 MA Semester 3 MFA Semester 3 MFA Semester 4
PGVC-01 Introduction to Research Methods

PGACW-7 Contemporary Art Practices 2 Mediums of Art

PGACW-14 Final Project – Major Research Deliverable

PGVC2002 Experimenting and Designing Practice

PGVC2004 Major Practice Project

PGACW-1 Contemporary Art Practices 1 Discourses of Art PGACW-8 Situations Seminar 3 OR  PGACW-9 Situations Seminar 4 OR DHPG-15 Design Mediation OR DHPG-5 Futures

PGACW-13  Public Promulgation of Research

PGVC2001 - Contexts for Contemporary Practice

PGVC2003 Professional Development

PGACW-2 Situations Seminar 1

PGACW-10 Key Theories 3 Making Publics

PGACW-15 Making Research Public

PGACW-3 Situations Seminar 2

PGACW-11 Key Theories 4 The Politics of Participation

PGACW-4 Key Theories 1 20th Century Foundations

PGACW-12 Art and Writing 2 Practices of Writing

PGACW-6 Art and Writing 1 Varieties of Criticism