Research- Reach out

Thinking about applying to NCAD for Postgraduate Research? 

If you have a subject / approach that you wish to explore with the team at NCAD, please answer contact us by email answering the following questions (a page or two will be sufficient) and supply a CV.

  • What is my research field and/or questions? And why is NCAD a good place to pursue this topic?
  • What is the state of thinking and / or research in that field? In other words, what will make your research original?
  • What will my approach to research be?
  • What sources will be required? (either facilities at NCAD or elsewhere, such as archives, etc.)

This will allow us to establish whether your interests connect with those of the college and whether we have sufficient staff expertise to support your work.  

Please note that NCAD has a limited number of scholarships to support doctoral studies. They cover the cost of fees and are awarded on the basis of academic merit. Maintenance funding (i.e. to meet the costs of living) is not available from the College.

Please send this material to this making sure to include a CV