MA/MFA in Art and Social Action

A new programme from September 2024

Duration: 2 Years

Starts: September 2024 

Credits: 90 MA / 120 MFA 

The MA/MFA Art and Social Action is a new postgraduate programme focused on trans-disciplinary practice and thinking that privileges collaborative approaches to production and creative approaches to social transformation, emphasising the capacity of arts practice to imagine our world differently.

Building on NCAD’s long history of socially engaged pedagogical programmes and projects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, this one year full time/ two year part time postgraduate programme is offered to practitioners and researchers from the fields of art, design, urban studies, theatre, education, community work, youth work, dance, music, architecture, activism and related areas, whose practices respond creatively to social issues, spatial injustices and civic life through community collaboration, public intervention or collective action. This programme places artistic/creative practice centrally, in the firm belief that it can illuminate social issues and relations in distinct and impactful ways, and generate significant and meaningful experiences that can have lasting effects on society and the environments that we share.

Students can register as PT and FT learners and, by negotiation, extend their studies to undertake a 120 credit MFA.

Engaging with theory and practice, and delivered by a diverse team, this programme provides its student cohort with dynamic educational experiences in local and national contexts, and across and beyond academic boundaries, to develop their practices in response to their own research and engagements within diverse contexts, including urban and rural place-based sites, temporary and online communities, and public and cultural settings.

As a one-year FT MA programme and a two-year PT MA programme, Art and Social Action has been designed to encourage the progressive development of key skills, confidence and understanding, while ensuring that individual students can focus their practice on themes and issues which concern them.

Students on the programme have considerable autonomy in designing and realising their own projects in 10 credit ‘practice’ modules in the first phase of the programme (first FT trimester or the PT equivalent thereof), second phase of the programme (second FT trimester or the PT equivalent thereof), and in the capstone project which acts as the culmination of the programme.

These ‘practice’ modules are supported by other modules offering opportunities to engage with the ethics, history and critical discourses of art and social action.

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MA in Art & Social Action Programme Specification

Module Descriptors

Autumn Trimester

PGCFAF1005 Situating Practice in Civic Society
10 credits

PGVC1001 Introduction to Research Methods
5 credits

PGCFAF1006 Practice in Public
10 credits

PGCFAV1001 Spatial Politics - Spatial Practice
CFA Option
5 credits

Spring Trimester

PGCFAF1007 Dublin City Practice Lab
10 credits

PGCFAV1002 Critical Discourses of Social Practice
5 credits

PGCFAF1008 Project Development
10 credits

PGCFAE1002 Critical Pedagogies
CFA Option
5 credits

MA Summer Trimester

PGCFAF1009 Major Project Realisation
30 credits

MFA Summer and Autumn Trimesters

PGCFAF2001 Major Project 2 (MFA)
60 credits