School of Fine Art

Seeing the world anew, placing the accepted and unquestioned into a different light, exploring the boundaries between the private and public sphere, between the individual and society - doing it visually.

All departments in the School of Fine Art - Media, Painting, Fine Print , Sculpture  and Applied Materials - help students to develop a highly individual way of seeing and interpreting, and of expressing themselves visually. Emphasis is placed on visual awareness and artistic analysis, on acquiring skills in the use of both traditional and new materials and media.



Fine Print within Fine Art spans the autographic arts, mechanical reproduction and digital media. Fine Print overlaps with a broad range of disciplines whilst maintaining a distinct culture of its own.

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Fine Art Media encourages students to explore and discover a wide range of equipment, materials and methods that challenge the way the world can be interpreted and re-presented.

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The Painting Department embraces the diversity of contemporary painting practice and possibility. The discipline of painting in all its forms is supported in the context of evolving and expanding art practices.

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Sculpture has seen a rapidly expanding idea of how we make and do things and the kinds of materials, skills and processes we use. This has introduced great freedom in terms of what is possible and meaningful.

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Applied Materials

The Department of Applied Material in the School of Fine Art offers two unique pathways to a BA in Applied Materials: Textile, Art & Artefact and Hard Materials (formerly Ceramics & Glass).

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