NCAD DesignLabs

Health, Circularity and Learning made better by design. 

NCAD DesignLabs is a series of collaborative-design led spaces dedicated to the research and design of new products, services and systems that reimagine and transform healthcare, learning and circular economies. Our design process considers the needs of both people and the planet. Working closely with professionals, institutions and users we draw on a range of perspectives and expertise. We use design tools to map and understand human experiences, to visualise service structures and to share and test new ideas. This approach allows us to develop solutions that are impactful, inclusive and sustainable.

Our research expertise spans a wide spectrum of design disciplines including: Service, Product, Medical, Interaction, Fashion, Jewellery, Textiles, Graphic, Illustration and Moving Image. The value of this diverse expertise can be seen in our ability to research, design and communicate for systems, services, digital interfaces, materials and products

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