Studio+ is an optional additional year of study open to undergraduate students in Design and Fine Art. This is an exciting opportunity to combine accredited work and/or study placements, allowing students build a bespoke learning experience to suit their particular skills and ambitions.

Studio+ offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves in real-world work environments, to learn from the skills & expertise of students and staff from other disciplines and to engage creatively with community and civic society. It is designed to enrich students’ learning experience by enabling the development of their practice across a range of cultural and social settings. Students are challenged to consider their work outside of the college environment and to actively pursue areas of interest particular to their creative and professional ambitions.

Accredited work and study programmes can be undertaken locally or with industry and educational partners internationally. Tutors will guide students through a range of modules and options to include one or more of the following opportunities.

• Internship with a vetted industry partner
• Study abroad with an NCAD institutional partner
• Work on live commercial, social and cultural projects
• Undertake electives or collaborative projects with other NCAD departments

More detail on Studio+ modules available to current students can be viewed here

Students who successfully complete 60 credits during their Studio+ year return to complete their fourth and final year at NCAD. Graduates will be awarded a degree with recognition of 60 credits earned through Studio+. Where 30 or more credits are earned through study or internship abroad, a BA International is awarded.

Visual Culture+ is designed to give BA Visual Culture students a significantly enhanced sense of independence and professionalism as they work collaboratively with each other, and with external organisations across Dublin and the wider NCAD creative network.

This is an opportunity to widen your frame of reference and creative influence by engaging with galleries, museums, arts organisations, media companies, design consultancies, in this agile and dynamic form of creative education. Your programme of study will include one or more of the following activities.


Visual Culture+ is devised to facilitate inter-collegiate student mobility with bi-lateral partners in Europe and internationally. Visual Culture+ builds upon the existing international study options to offer a comprehensive suite of opportunities to include one or two semesters study abroad with an NCAD partner institution.

Media Platforms

You will work collaboratively with students from across NCAD’s schools work to develop a live media platform. Projects are supported by department staff and media professionals to encourage interdisciplinary learning across small teams with diverse interests and skills. This is an opportunity to develop technical expertise as well as experience in researching, writing and editing to build content for a publication, website, podcast etc.

Media / Culture Industry Internships

Work placement are undertaken in accordance with an agreed learning plan of full-time or part-time work within a vetted industry partner.  Placements are offered across a range of social, cultural and commercial settings allowing students develop expertise in areas as diverse as research, production, curation, installation, writing, editing, promotion, retailing and exhibiting - all within a real-world learning environment.


The Visual Culture+ takes the form of an agreed programme of assessed and credited modules totalling 60 credits, undertaken after completion of year two of the BA Visual Culture. On successful completion of Visual Culture+ year, students return to complete the final year of their undergraduate programme. Graduates of this 4-year pathway are awarded a BA Visual Culture (240 credits). Where 30 or more credits are recognised though study or work placement abroad, a BA (International) Visual Culture is awarded.