Professional Master of Education (Art & Design)

The PME in Art and Design Education (PME) aims to enable art and design graduates develop as professional educators, through the application of their own art and design practices, insights and modes of learning to the requirements of teaching, with specific reference to the requirements of the Irish second-level education system.

The PME facilitates the personal, social, intellectual and practical growth of students, preparing them for professional careers as teachers and fostering the necessary skills and dispositions of research, analysis, evaluation and critique to enable them to become reflective practitioners.

PME Programme Specification Form 2016/17


Year 1 Year 2
PME1-1 Visual Arts pedagogy and methodologies (Unit 1) PME2-1 Visual Arts pedagogy and methodologies 2
PME1—1 Visual Arts pedagogy and methodologies (Unit 2) PME2-2 Classroom Practice 2
PME1-2 Classroom Practice 1 PME2-3 Professional Studies
PME1-3 Psychology of Education PME2-4 Pedagogical Studies
PME1-4 History and Philosophy of Education PME2-5 Collaborative Teaching and Learning
PME1-5 Curriculum Studies PME2-6 Visual Arts Curriculum and Assessment
PME1-6 Sociology of Education PME 2-7 Action Research Project
PME1-7 Visual Arts for the Classroom PME2-8 Professional Digital Portfolio