Providing Feedback

During the year, students are asked to provide feedback on their studies. This feedback is very significant in improving your programme of study, enhancing student life at NCAD, and contributing to the ongoing improvement of student wellbeing at the College.

Student Forums

Each trimester, you will be invited to participate in a student forum.  The half-hour discussion sessions are your opportunity to share your experience at NCAD with staff members and other students.  It's important to hear what's good and what can be improved.  These sessions are for you, the students.  They are formally organised, but should be informal discussion sessions.  The student forums in the autumn trimester normally take place at the beginning of November.  The student forums in the spring trimester take place some time between St Patrick's Day and Easter.  Make sure you come along when you are invited.

See here for more information on the Student Forums.

INDEx Survey

In 2019, NCAD is contributing to the Irish National Digital Experience Survey, which is available from Monday 11 November until Sunday 1 December.  This is a new survey for Ireland, and almost all third level colleges are participating.  The survey aims to gather your opinion on your digital experience, expectations and engagement.  The results of this survey will influence the future enhancement of digital teaching and learning at NCAD and in Irish higher education.

See here for more information on the INDEx Survey

Irish Student Engagement Survey

At the beginning of March, in the spring trimester, first year students, final year students and students on taught postgraduate programmes are invited to participate in the Irish Student Engagement Survey.  The survey helps us to fully understand the experiences of our students and is also part of a larger national survey of students in higher education.  It is designed to focus on student engagement, namely the amount of time and effort that students put into meaningful and purposeful educational activities, and the extent to which institutions provide such opportunities and encourage students to engage with them.

NCAD Survey

In May or June of the spring trimester, all students are asked to complete the NCAD Survey, an annual survey where you can contribute to the development of programmes and to the experience of students at NCAD.  The results of this survey, along with other sources such as the Student Forums, external examiner reports, and staff feedback, contribute directly to the continuous development of NCAD's programmes.

Graduate Survey

NCAD is working with HEA, the Higher Education Authority, to learn where our graduates are today, what they're doing, and to know about how their study at NCAD assisted them.

Graduates' input, combined with responses from other graduates from NCAD and from other higher education institutes in Ireland, will help HEA plan delivery and support of education in Ireland for future students, as well as helping NCAD to improve the experience for students in the future.

Supporting the Student Assistance Fund

For each completed student survey, NCAD contributes €1 to the Student Assistance Fund.  So, the more students who complete the surveys, the more funds will be available to students in need.  This incentive, and the ability to contribute to the improvement of programmes, and enhance students' experience at NCAD, hopefully encourages more students to participate in the online surveys during the year.