Academic and Student Affairs

Academic Affairs comprises the administration and development of NCAD’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and research agenda and environment.

The academic structure includes an Academic Council, School Boards, and Departmental Boards, with student as well as staff representation. It also includes the following sub-committees of Academic Council – the Programmes Board and the Recruitment and Admissions Committee. The Quality Office supports the College in ensuring that standards are maintained and enhanced.

NCAD’s Student Services and Admissions Office  oversees all aspects of students’  progress through the College, from recruitment to graduation. NCAD’s Academic Calendar  is updated and published annually, and Policies, Procedures and Regulations affecting all aspects of student life are published online.

A key part of NCAD’s mission is to be Ireland’s centre of excellence for research in, through and about contemporary art and design; providing academic and creative leadership in the culture, the society and the economy. NCAD’s Research Strategy is developed through the Research Committee, and the research identity of the College is captured and made visible through NCAD’s Research Institute.

Head of Academic Affairs - Prof. Siún Hanrahan (Acting Head)

Student Services & Admissions - Cathy McCartney
Telephone: +353 1 636 4204

Quality and Academic Support  Kilian O' Callaghan
Telephone: +353 1 636 4355