Academic Council

The Terms of Reference for Academic Council are as follows:

  • The Academic Council shall assist An Bórd in the planning, co-ordination, development and overseeing of the educational work of the College.
  • Without prejudice to (1) above, Academic Council shall have the following particular functions:
  • to recommend the design, development and implementation of appropriate programmes of study for consideration and approval,
  • to make recommendations to An Bórd for the establishment of appropriate structures to implement the programmes of study referred to in paragraph (a) of this sub-section,
  • to make recommendations to An Bórd on programmes for the development of research,
  • to make recommendations to An Bórd for the selection, admission, retention and exclusion of students generally,
  • to make, subject to the approval of An Bórd, and to implement, the academic regulations of the College,
  • to propose to An Bórd the form of regulations to be made by An Bórd for the conduct of examinations, and for the evaluation of academic progress,
  • to make recommendations to An Bórd for the award of fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, prizes or other awards,
  • to make general arrangements for tutorial or other academic counselling,
  • to exercise any other functions, in accordance with the provisions of the Act, which may be delegated to it by An Bórd, and,
  • to implement any regulations which may be made by An Bórd concerning any of the matters aforesaid.
  • The Academic Council, with the approval of An Bórd, may:
  • establish such and so many committees, consisting either wholly or partly of persons who are not members of the College, as it thinks proper to assist the Academic Council in the performance of its functions under the Act, and
  • determine, subject to the provisions of the Act, the functions of any committee established under paragraph (a) of this sub-section.
  • The acts of a committee established under sub-section (3)(a) of this section shall be subject to confirmation by An Bórd unless An Bórd dispenses with the necessity for such confirmation.
  • Subject to the provisions of the Act and to the directions of An Bórd, the Academic Council may regulate its own procedure.
  • The Head of Academic Affairs will chair meetings of Academic Council.