Continuing Education

The Centre for Continuing Education in Art & Design at NCAD offers part-time courses in art and design for adults and school-leavers who want to explore their creative potential and learn new skills.

Want to study part-time at NCAD?
CEAD Summer Programme
August 10th - 28th 2020

Applications NOW OPEN!

3 and 5 day summer short courses in Art & Design.
3 week Portfolio Preparation Course (10th to 27th August).

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CEAD Certificates
D+VI Drawing and Visual Investigation and
P+DI Photography and Digital Imaging

NFQL7. Applications NOW OPEN.

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CEAD Higher Diploma in Art

NFQL8. Applications now closed.

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About CEAD

The Centre for Continuing Education in Art and Design at NCAD provides opportunities for learning during the autumn and summer to over six hundred students each year. CEAD offers accredited (University Certificate and Diploma programmes, NFQL 7) and non-credit options for students who choose to study part-time in an era of lifelong learning. CEAD aims to provide a diverse programme of courses offering flexible, quality learning opportunities, that enable access, support progression and transfer for students who wish to further their visual arts education. More information on our summer and autumn accredited and non-credit courses.

NCAD CEAD Part-Time Study Progression Chart 

CEAD CREDIT Programme Schedule (Modules. Fees & Delivery)


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CEAD Online Gallery

See the work of CEAD, NCAD part-time evening students. All work displayed on the Continuing Education pages was produced by CEAD students.

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