BA International

NCAD offers a 4 year pathway to a BA International. The programme is structured to include a full academic year abroad between Year 2 and final year at NCAD. Students who accumulate 240 credits over four years of undergraduate study are awarded a BA International in either Fine Art, Design or Visual Culture.

What and Where will I study?

Students opting for the BA International pathway will follow the same programme as Year 1 and Year 2 students on the 3-year undergraduate degree. Conditional on you maintaining a sufficiently high standard in your academic work and studio practice over Year 1 and Year 2, you may be nominated by your department for a study abroad period at one of NCAD’s partner institutions.
If successful in your application, you will take a mix of both optional and obligatory modules to be agreed in advance between your NCAD department and the host institution. Your study programme abroad should (insofar as is possible) be compatible with your study programme at NCAD. There may also be opportunity to take complementary modules in Fine Art/Design/Visual Culture and in some cases, credits may be awarded for successful completion of language programmes at the receiving institution. Under the Erasmus+ programme, NCAD has agreed partnership with institutions in over 50 cities across Europe as well as holding non-Erasmus agreements with a smaller number of international partners. A significant number of partner institutions deliver programmes through English. Some colleges however, require visiting students to demonstrate knowledge of the local language.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment methods during your International Year programme will vary depending on the receiving institution. They may take the form of written assignments, oral presentations, continuous studio assessment as well as visual presentation and/or exhibitions. If successful in making up 60 credits over the course of your International Year, you will progress to Year 4 at NCAD and will be awarded a BA International (240 credits) on completion of four years of undergraduate study. Students who fail to make up 60 credits during their International Year can also progress to Year 4 and continue working towards a BA (180 credits).

Opportunities after graduation

Feedback from students who have studied abroad as part of their undergraduate degree pathway is overwhelmingly positive. The study and practice of Art & Design in an international context not only exposes students to global trends in the creative disciplines, it also encourages aspiring artists, designers and creative thinkers to look beyond boundaries and imagine their practice within a global context. Students have demonstrated that studying abroad can heavily influence their art and design practice. Imagery and experiences of host cities has informed work produced for the Graduate Exhibition as well as being carried through to professional practice after graduation. Additionally, graduates with international experience have found opportunities within the creative industries in Europe and beyond more interesting and accessible to them.

Erasmus Opportunity within the 3-year BA Programme

NCAD supports a culture of diversity in teaching and learning. For students who opt not to follow the 4-year pathway to a BA International, opportunity still exists for both semester-long study exchanges and/or Erasmus+ Traineeships within the 3-year undergraduate structure.
Erasmus+/study-abroad semester.
Undergraduate students have the option to apply for a study mobility abroad during semester 2 of Year 2 on the 3-year degree programme. Applicants should contact the International Office at NCAD to enquire about Erasmus+ funding to support their study mobility. Prior to making an application, it is essential that that your NCAD department nominate you as a suitable candidate for study abroad. You will also need to speak to your academic coordinator regarding appropriate destinations for your study mobility.

Erasmus+ Traineeships

Erasmus+ also supports Traineeship opportunities for students looking for work placements abroad. This is an excellent opportunity for students hoping to gain overseas experience and develop their skills within a professional setting. Traineeship grants support students on summer placements and can also be taken up by recent graduates. Depending on availability of Erasmus+ funding and approval from your NCAD department, it may be possible to combine a study mobility with an Erasmus+ funded Traineeship.