Learning & Professional Practice Module


Submission Guidelines

• The Library assignment consists of a a three-part questionnaire - one section on the Library itself, one on constructing a bibliography, and one on conducting research.

• Answers should be printed on white A4 paper, one-sided. Typing should be double-spaced, in a printed font, and using font size 12.  Handwritten papers will not be accepted.

• The cover page should follow the template provided by the Library. 

• When submitting the assignment please ensure the cover sheet is the first page of your submission, every page of which should be stapled in the top left-hand corner:


You can download the cover sheet here and the assignment questions here.

Assignments without the cover page will not be accepted.


Submission date and time:     On or before Friday 29th September, 16:30.

Submission location:              Library Issue Desk