CEAD Autumn Non-Credit Courses


D/P 101 
Drawing From Life INTRODUCTORY 

Berni Markey
Course Fee €190
16 Students

This 11 week beginner’s life drawing course is designed
to develop student’s observational drawing skills.
Exercises will cover the main areas of; looking, hand/
eye coordination, pacing a drawing, and handling
media. This beginners drawing course is an excellent
foundation for those who wish to progress to further
studies in art and design.

Over the semester students will address basic anatomy
and proportions. They will consider structure with
reference to the skeleton, use ‘sighting’ to compare
angles to vertical and horizontal and ‘negative shapes’
and units of measure to address shape and composition.
Students will learn to make drawings with feeling
and understanding by working loosely and broadly
and pacing their drawings well. To this end they will
explore ‘gesture drawing’, tonal rubber drawing,
’mark making’, drawing with media on a long stick
and ‘cross contour’ drawing. A range of wet and dry
tonal and colour media will be explored.

Group based as well as individual tuition is provided
throughout in an environment that encourages learning.
Visual aids and demonstrations also feature, as
students consider the work of established artists.
At the end of the course, the process of selection
and presentation of work is addressed. The work
produced on this course can be included in a portfolio
to show drawing skills and experimentation with
methods and materials.

This 11 week course is repeated in January 2018.

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D/P 102 
Painting; Landscape and Cityscape INTRODUCTORY 

Kenneth Donfield
Course Fee €375
16 Students

This course is suitable for beginners who are interested
in working with watercolours, acrylics or oils and wish
to develop skills in drawing and painting landscape
and cityscape.

The tutor will provide instruction in drawing and painting
techniques including traditional and contemporary

Students are encouraged to develop their ideas however
they can also work from drawings or photographs of
landscapes, townscape or cityscape.

The course commences with drawing exercises and
students will be encouraged to develop their drawing
skills using a range of materials including charcoal, pastel,
in order to enhance your understanding of tonal
values. The tutor will demonstrate different painting
techniques and facilitate students understanding of
each technique and the properties of different media
being used. Demonstrations will be supported with
presentations of key established artists from Irish and
European traditions of landscape painting.

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D/P 103 
Drawing and Colour Studies: INTRODUCTORY 

Mary Burke
Course Fee €365
16 Students

This course will provide an introduction to drawing and
working from observation. Through a series of projects
students will be given instruction in composition,
proportion, tone and texture. Colour mixing and
colour theory will form an integral part of the course
programme. Over the 22 weeks students will be
introduced to a wide range of drawing and painting
materials. The aim is to provide students with the
necessary skills and confidence to continue working on
their own and/or to progress with their art education
to other courses within the CEAD programme.

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D/P 105 
Drawing and Painting the Figure INTERMEDIATE

Kenneth Donfield
Course Fee €375
16 Students

Students for this course should have at least a
rudimentary knowledge of drawing. This course will
allow for sustained perceptual concentration,with
freedom to experiment and revise.The course begins
with a series of studies,using a variety of poses,
Exploring tone, light, space, composition and pictorial
structure.Students shall be encouraged to work in a
broad and diverse manner. There shall be slide shows
of figurative artists from past to present.There will
also be group discussions and critiques. All media
from pencil,charcoal, pastel, oil paint and mixed media
may be explored. Technical support and instruction
will be given on materials,their values,properties and
how to apply these to a surface. Through observation and
understanding of the many contemporary approaches
to working from the human figure, students will enhance
their ability and knowledge of working in the life studio.

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D/P 106 
Techniques of Watercolour INTERMEDIATE

Susanne Mahon
Course Fee €365
16 Students

This course is designed for students who have
knowledge of working with watercolours and who
wish to explore the discipline and techniques in
greater depth. Students will be encouraged to use
the medium to its full potential and perhaps move
away from the traditional watercolour teachings by
incorporating them with other mediums, for example
gouache, ink, chalk pastel. Sketching and drawing will
also be incorporated into the course. Students will be
expected to keep notebooks to record their experiments
for reference as well as ideas, which they may like
to explore in the future. The aim of the course is to
encourage experimentation and exploration of ideas
whilst aiming to produce a number of works, which
will be summated for the CEAD exhibition at the end
of term. There will be numerous demonstrations on
techniques and styles.

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D/P 107 
Painting Processes INTERMEDIATE

Paul MacCormaic
Course Fee €375
16 Students

This is and intermediate non-accredited course.
Students will be exposed to painting in a contemporary
art setting. This course is not suited to beginners
students should have completed an introductory
drawing/painting course with CEAD or another
college of further education. Students with little
painting experience but who have taken graphic
design and drawing courses and those who have
learnt watercolours would be suited to the course.

The aim of the course is to equip students with the
skills to paint pictures mindful of the contemporary
art world.

The initial classes of the course include a revision of
the properties of paint and the basic methods. As
the course progresses, more complicated processes
are added. Acrylic paint, and to a lesser extent, oil
paint, is used. Watercolours are not covered. The
course consists of a series of exercises and projects.
In exercises, the tutor will give a demonstration of a
technique. Projects are a time to put techniques to
work while developing and realising a concept from
the student’s sketchbook.

The techniques covered are glazing, alla prima,under
and overpainting , washes, drybrush, impasto and
sgraffito. The subject matter of projects is largely the
student’s choice and topics such as aerial perspective,
night scenes, abstraction of natural motifs and skin
tones for portraiture are covered.

Only a small part of the course will be painted from
life. It is important that students use the sketchbook
to observe their surroundings and gather an archive of
sources that interest them. Students should also keep
an open mind as to the outcome of the developmentn
open mind as to the outcome of the development
of an idea and be prepared to experiment.

Learning outcomes

On completion students will be able to;

  • Demonstrate skills of; glazing, alla aprima, scumbling, sgraffito, dry brush, washes,
  • Show how to apply aerial perspective to art making processes,
  • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary painters and painting practice including the properties of paint, notebook keeping and investigation.
  • Basic principles of colour theory, colour mixing, colour charts, composition, and the language of art making are woven into every lesson.
  • Students are also taken to exhibitions when suitable ones are on show.

Apply for D/P 107 from 02 July 2018


Printmaking – Etching and Carborundum

Elaine Leader
Course Fee €445
11 Students

This course is suitable for students who already have
experience in etching techniques and knowledge of
the processes involved. The course will provide an
opportunity for students to further develop their
skills and abilities in making prints. Through a series
of exercises in a range of techniques and processes,
students will be encouraged to advance their own
work and interests. Subjects covered include etching,
drypoint and carborundum. Through individual tuition,
demonstration of techniques and discussion of ideas,
students will be encouraged to advance their creative
potential and develop their visual awareness.

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Constructing Sculpture through Bronze Casting

Vivian Hansbury
12 Students

Course Fee €470, plus additional fee of approx €165 per
person for casting bronze work using professional casting facility

This 22 week course is suitable for students with
art and object making experience or knowledge of
design. It will provide students with an introduction
to technical skills in bronze casting and in sculptural
construction. At the end of the course students will
have an understanding of the bronze casting process and
be able to construct from start to finish a bronze
sculptural form.The course will provide an introduction
to bronze casting, and students will work in a foundry
/studio to produce original work. Subjects covered
include, bronze casting techniques, wax work, silicone,
investment, mould making using clay, metal finishing,
and patination. The course will concentrate on technique
and work practice and students will learn the process
through direct involvement in their own work.

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V/C 404 

Rhoda Cunningham
Course Fee €285
10 Students

During the 11 week course students are encouraged
to explore 3 projects. This gives students of varying
interests the chance to pursue photography in areas
that are most relevant to them and to develop the
skills that they feel necessary to achieve these goals.
In tandem with this project/workshop approach
students are introduced to the history of photography,
studio skills, darkroom techniques and greater camera
control. There is also an opportunity for students
to explore a pinhole photography project. Amongst
the theoretical and appreciation topics discussed are:
history of photography; portraiture and landscape,
architectural and fine art, commercial and travel
photography. Students are referred to photographers
and other artists who may be of interest with respect
to their individual projects. At the end of the course
students will have deepened their knowledge of
photographic techniques and be more independent in
their approach to a chosen subject.

This course is suitable for students considering the
Certificate in Photography and Digital Imaging (P+DI)

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C/D 501 
22 week Jewellery Skills INTRODUCTORY

Erika Marks
Course Fee €425
14 Students

The principal aim of the course will be the student
gaining fluency at using basic tools such as a saw-frame,
pliers, soldering torch etc., enabling them to approach
different aspects of jewellery making with growing
confidence, thereby allowing their creative side to
have an outlet.

Once the basic techniques have been introduced,
students will be encouraged to practise and improve
skills by designing their own pieces, experimenting
while still working within their abilities. Students will
be shown examples of finished work that demonstrates
different applications of the techniques they are
acquiring. Students will be encouraged to source
material for personal design inspiration. Discussion
will be had with each student about the practical
nature of their designs and appropriate direction and
advice given as necessary.

Specific safety instructions will be given during demos
as each new piece of equipment or tool is covered.
A kit of basic consumable supplies will be available
for purchase at the beginning of the course.

Tech support will be provided for the first 2 weeks
of the course.

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C/D 503 

Patricia Plunkett
Course Fee €525
10 Students

This course provides tuition in the basic techniques
of stained glass i.e. glass-cutting, foil work and lead
work, also 3-D work, planters and lamp shades etc.
Students will be encouraged to undertake their own
individual projects, developing design concepts and
making an individual stained glass work. A limited
selection of materials can be purchased on the

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C/D 505 

Patricia Plunkett
Course Fee €490
8 Students

This course is for those who already have experience
in Stained Glass craft work. It aims to increase students
understanding of an approach to designing and
undertaking material pieces of work. There will be an
emphasis on design and the development of more
advanced techniques using the equipment of the Glass
Department. Each student will be encouraged to
undertake his or her own individual projects throughout
the course.
• Increase students awareness of their ability in
design through set projects
• Build individual students confidence in how to
approach a design and develop a design concept
through project based work
• Increase students research techniques

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V/C 507 

Alastair Keady
Course Fee €430
9 Students.
18:45 till 20:45

Course Content
• Visual communications and the creative process
• What is graphic design? Typography – theory and
• Type, image, visual literacy, organisation and
• Developing problem solving strategies
• Developing an understanding of print materials.
An examination of paper and the form, function
and tactile nature of printed material

Series of graphic design foundation lectures, with
associated practical homework exercises (outcomes
critiqued in the following week):
1. What is Graphic Design?
2. Point, Line, Plane
3. Rhythm and Balance
4. Scale and Texture
5. Colour and Tone
6. Visual Hierarchy
7. Typographic Anatomy and Expression
8. Typesetting for Display and Body Copy
9. Macro and Micro Typography
10. Strategies and Techniques for Image-Making
11. Creative Strategies; Visual Rhetoric, Wit,
Metaphor, Syntax, Semantics
12. Creative Strategies; Mapping Concepts, Happy
13. Design in Context; Know your Audience
and Medium
14. Production Processes; Reprographics and Print
15. Grids, Templates and Stylesheets

From class 9, an ongoing parallel practical exercise,
producing a suite of designed elements, will run up
until the final class. Progress and refinement on this
exercise will be continually assessed

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V/C 508 
Letterpress Printing INTRODUCTORY

Mary Plunkett
Wednesday (Semester 1)
Course Fee €280
8 Students

This course will cover the basic techniques of letterpress
printing: type setting with metal and wood type, locking
up for print, registration, lino cut, multiple colour
relief printing and producing short editions using a
proofing press. The eleven week programme, offers a
fantastic opportunity to gain access to Distillers Press,
the only working letterpress facility in third level
education in Ireland. Those with experience in graphic
design / typography / print may find the course
particularly interesting but prior knowledge of design
is not required. The course will begin with an induction
to the workshop, an overview of letterpress printing
with examples of artists’ & designers’ work, an
explanation of hand setting and an introduction to
the use of the press. A number of short projects will
follow, to explain the processes and then participants
will be encouraged to create their own work under
supervision. This can take the form of small editions
of prints, posters, simple books, cards or stationery.
The course will provide an excellent overview of the
processes and materials involved in letterpress printing.
A certain amount of quality paper will be provided to
begin the course and then additional sheets may be
purchased as it progresses.

Course duration: 11 weeks

Apply for V/C 508 from 02 July 2018

V/C 509
Letterpress Printing INTERMEDIATE

V/C 509 
Letterpress Printing INTERMEDIATE
Mary Plunkett
Wednesday (Semester II)
Course Fee €250
8 Students

This ten week course is aimed at those who have
completed the introductory course or have experience
with setting metal and wooden type. Those individuals
with a background in graphic design / typography /
print / literature may find this course particularly interesting.

This course offers an opportunity to access the Distillers Press
and its fantastic collection of over 500 cases of wood and metal type.

Participants will build on the basic techniques of hand setting and
with tutor guidance, undertake research and work on one large project
or set of small projects. This limited edition could take the form of prints,
posters, booklets or cards and can involve typography or illustration
or a combination of both.

Projects will be suggested but participants will also be encouraged to research
and develop individual work under supervision. As well as typography-based
projects, participants can make use of other relief methods such as printing
from lino cut and digitally designed plates, as well as printing with multiple
colours and hand inking.

The course will provide an excellent overview of the; processes and materials
involved in letterpress printing, and offers the participant a chance to develop
a larger project over time. Participants can research their own paper stocks
or suitable sheets may be purchased from Distillers Press as the course progresses.

An archive of previous work made in Distillers Press may be viewed on the website www.distillerspress.com

Course duration: 10 weeks

Apply for V/C 509 from 02 July 2018


D 603 
Embroidered Textile Design INTRODUCTORY

Rosemary Cullen,
Course Fee €250
10 Students

During this 11 week course, students follow a
programme which aims to encourage the exploration
of embroidered textiles in a contemporary way. An
overview of historical and contemporary practice in
embroidery will provide the framework for students
to experiment and explore stitch. Classes will focus
on experimenting with a range of hand and machine
stitch techniques, ways of manipulating fabric and the
use of alternative materials as surfaces on which to stitch.
Students will be encouraged to develop their own project
with the assistance of the tutor using the techniques
developed during the course. A materials list will be
distributed before commencement of the course.

Apply for D 603 from 02 July 2018


Portfolio Preparation

Michael Lyons
Friday 5.00 – 9.00pm,
18 weeks, 4 contact hours per week.

Commencing September ‘17 and finishing January ‘18
Course Fee €425
16 Students

This intensive seventeen-week course is designed to
aid school leavers and mature students interested
in developing a port-folio for entry to third level art
and design education. Students will be encouraged to
develop their ideas through research and working on
personal projects. Subjects covered include, drawing
from observation, ideas development, collage, colour
work, basic printing and developing a personal project.
This is a preparatory course, students should not
assume that attending this course will give them
an advantage over others who wish to access the
NCAD full-time programme.

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