Frequently Asked Questions and information for part-time mature students at NCAD

How do I apply for a part-time accredited evening course?

Students who want to apply to D+VI, P+DI and VAP Certificate and the Part Time Diplomain Art & Design courses need to complete an application form, which is available online or from the cead office (cead@staff.ncad.ie). Students applying to P+DI or the Diploma should submit a portfolio as well as an application form. The details on portfolio project requirements are available online or from the cead office.

The application form for VAP Audit-Credit modules is contained in the autumn brochure which can be downloaded from the college website. Application forms for audit-credit are accepted until the second week of September thereafter check with cead office around availability of places.

Course Requirements

Details of course requirements are available online, in the cead autumn brochure, and on course handouts available from the cead office. Students should be 23 years of age at the time of commencing an accredited course with continuing education. Students will have to present evidence of a commitment to developing an art and design practice and an interest in contemporary approaches to visual art and design. Previous qualifications up to level 5 either Leaving Certificate or FETAC equivalent is also a requirement in some cases, check with CEAD for details. Students on accredited courses are required to: undertake a minimum of three hours of self-directed study on a weekly basis outside of tutor contact time and will have to complete written assignments for visual culture.

Course Fees

Students are required to pay full fees prior to registration. A list of course fees is available on the college website, and in the cead autumn programme or please email or phone CEAD for more details.

When do courses commence?

Typically autumn courses start the last week of September, most VAP A/C, and non credit courses are 21 or 22 weeks long and finish in March.  D+VI, Diploma and P+DI are longer.  Evening courses usually start at 6.30pm except; Diploma P+DI, D}VI - these courses start at 6.15.

Where are courses located?

CEAD courses are located in college buildings either on the Thomas street campus.

What Faculty or Department do I belong to?

Continuing Education in Art and Design (CEAD) is a Centre within the Faculty of Education at NCAD.

What is registration?

Registration is when you are officially recorded as a student of the college and obtain a student card and number. Only students involved in accredited Certificate or Diploma courses need to register. Registration takes place in October each year. Students will be asked to complete a registration form prior to registration taking place. If students have submitted a completed form and supplied relevant documentation this will be processed by admissions and students will then be issued with a student card. A student card provides you with access to the library and gives you an ID number, which will carry forward over the years you are registered with NCAD as a student. Unless you officially register with the college on time you cannot proceed to assessment or examination. Late registration closes late October.

When will I get a student card?

You will be issued with a student card either at the time of registration or shortly thereafter. The student card is important in accessing the library and also when accessing your final results at the end of the course. You can collect your student card from your course tutor.  Only one student card is issued to a student on a accredited course.

What happens if I lose my student card?

You will have to pay a fee to get another one issued by the college. This can be arranged by contacting the cead office at +353 1 636 4214 or cead@staff.ncad.ie

What college facilities can I avail of as a part-time student registered?

Once registered you will have access to the library and photocopying facilities. The library has a collection of over 70,000 books and exhibition catalogues and subscribes to about 300 serials. To check opening hours please use this link.

What materials should I buy for the course?

Students who have been accepted onto a course will receive a materials list from CEAD, along with a list of materials suppliers. Also, students should talk with their tutors and seek their advice prior to purchasing tools and materials.

What are the College / CEAD opening hours during semesters?

The college is open from 8.30 am until 9pm Monday to Friday during each semester. The main reception area is open from 9.30am  until 5 pm throughout the year except holiday times (Christmas/Easter/Bank Holidays) Reception closes for lunch between 12.45 and 2pm each day.

The CEAD office is open for enquiries from 10am to 4pm daily, tel: +353 1 636 4214 / email: cead@staff.ncad.ie.

What are modules and ects credits?

Modules are units of learning, they contain learning outcomes (statements indicating what the students will be able to know/do on successful completion of the module) and involve assessment. ECTS, is European Credit Transfer System which provides students with credits which they can transfer and accumulate within an accredited programme and across qualifications frameworks. Successful completion of a Certificate course will result in students being awarded 20 credits at stage one of an undergraduate level degree programme. Students embarking on part-time accredited courses can accumulate credits toward a level 8 qualification. For further information on credits and qualifications visit www.nqai.ie

How does credit accumulation work?

Students on audit credit VAP course can accumulate credits toward an undergraduate Certificate, each audit-credit module carries 5 credits toward a Certificate in Visual Art Practice. Students registered on P+DI/D+VI/VAP Certificates (20 credits) can accumulate credits toward an undergraduate Diploma (60 credits)

Who awards Certificates/Diploma?

NCAD is a recognised college of University College Dublin

When does assessment take place?

The course tutor will advise you in advance of assessment dates and procedures. Normally assessment takes place at least twice during AC courses, at the end of the first block and before the end of the course. Certificate courses (P+DI/D+VI) involve a minimum of three points of assessment. There are penalties for students who submit course work late unless they have medical reasons for not submitting on time.

What will I be expected to do for assessment?

You are required to present course work in response to set assignments and deadlines given. Tutors will distribute handouts on assessment including guidelines for assessment, assessment criteria/weighting in advance and discuss these with students. Students will also participate in studio critiques and reviews where they will be involved in making presentations within a group. AC courses require students achieve 40% to pass the module. All accredited courses require students attend 80% of the course. Students who are unable to submit course work on medical grounds should submit relevant documentation at the time of illness. Tutors will provide students who present a medical certificate with a revised deadline for submission of work.

When can I expect to get feedback on my progress?

Tutors will advise students when studio critiques will take place, following assessment they will provide students with feedback on their learning and progress. The assessment marks allocated to students are subject to moderation at examination time.  Relevant exam board is scheduled in May and early June.

What if I fail an assignment?

Students should submit all course work on the date specified by their tutor. Work will be assessed and graded in accordance with college academic procedures. Students who do not achieve a pass mark of 40% can repeat the assignment in their own time, should a student fail the assignment a second time, they have the option to repeat the whole module. Student’s who fail an assignment and repeat it, will be marked as pass or fail only.

What happens if I get sick, or I have a problem at home/work and cannot attend the course?

If you are unwell and cannot attend please notify the course tutors as soon as possible. Students should submit a medical certificate if they cannot attend on a regular basis or for assessment. Students who do not attend regularly will receive a letter from the college reminding them of the course requirements and the implications for assessment.

Withdrawing from a course or deferring a place

If you intend to withdraw from the course please notify the Head of Continuing Education in writing. If you are proposing to defer your place on an accredited course you should liaise with the Head of CEAD. Deferring a place on a course does not guarantee a place in a subsequent year, re-entry is conditional not automatic. Deferring students may be entitled to a part refund of fees and a record of their marks, accumulating credits will be kept on file. Deferring students will have to indicate their intention to re-enter the programme by May 30th prior to the course commencing and a place will be offered subject to space. Students who seek to defer a place on a course cannot do so after the mid point of the course.

When are exam results released and how can I access them?

Students final exam results can be accessed on-line using your student number or by coming into the college. Exam results are posted on a college notice board and students can establish their result once they have their student number. Normally results are available to students during the last week of May each year but check with the CEAD administrator cead@staff.ncad.ie for exact dates. Exam results are posted for one week and if you cannot access your results at the designated time you will have to make an alternative arrangement with the administrator. Students can obtain a more detailed break down of their results from the head of continuing education but you will have to book an appointment.

How can I feedback on my learning experience of the course?

The Quality Assurance office at NCAD carries out evaluations of Departments formally every five or more years. Following peer review by an external panel a report is issued and the college posts the report on the college website for viewing. However students’ comments, insights, concerns, can be raised with the Head of Faculty, the Head of the Department or a tutor during the course or at the end of the academic year.

Is there a student representative for part-time students?

Yes, there is a part-time student representative on the college Board and there is a voluntary exhibitions committee who organise the student exhibition each year. Information on the evening students union will be available to continuing education students through email, facebook, information notices and student union members will visit most courses during the year.

How do I find out about other CEAD courses that offer progression?

Check the college website and look for continuing education and see the full listing on the CEAD homepage. Also CEAD holds an open day each year, usually in February, which is designed to offer more information to students who wish to progress to CEAD Certificate or Diploma level. For more information on progression in CEAD, or to book an appointment to explore progression options, please email cead@staff.ncad.ie

How can I find out about the CEAD exhibition?

The evening students have traditionally organised the end of year CEAD exhibition. The exhibition takes place during the first week of July normally on campus in the School of Design in Thomas Street. Students will have to submit work for selection by a panel, which usually takes place in April each year. Guidelines on submission requirements, selection processes, pick-up times, are available to students in the form of a handout distributed by the exhibition committee early in the new-year. The exhibition committee is a voluntary group of part-time students.

If I complete a part-time accredited course, when can I expect to get a Certificate?

 Certificates are issued in the post toward the end of the same calendar year in which you completed the course. Students should notify the college of any change of address, failure to do so could result in your post not arriving at the agreed address.  Where transcripts have to be re-issued a fee will be charged.


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