The EyeVU Project

Pioneering research and development into the design of endoscopes

NCAD’s Product Design department is part of a consortium which secured €3.2m funding in late 2019 for the development of a new medical device, the EyeVU project. A miniaturised ‘eyeball’ endoscope camera, the EyeVU will allow clinicians to see around corners with unparalleled precision. The consortium is led by Galway-based MedTech start-up Tympany Medical, and includes NCAD, the UCD Centre for Micro/nano Manufacturing Technology (UCD-MNMT), and Shannon-based Gentian Services.

As part of the project, NCAD’s Product Design department will be involved in three work packages, which include contextual inquiry, human factors validation and sustainable design of the device for the circular economy. UCD-MNMT will lead the development of the optoelectronics and miniaturisation of the device, while Gentian Services will be responsible for designing the device for manufacture.

For the press release announcing the project see here.