TransActions Newspaper Launch

TransActions is a new series of publications from the MA Socially Engaged Art at NCAD, Dublin and Stockyard Institute, Chicago to be launched on June 15th in the School of Education in NCAD as part of the NCAD + UCD Project.

Transaction: a communicative action or activity involving two parties or things that reciprocally affect or influence each other.

Taking Dublin and Chicago as two contemporary urban sites for exploration, TransActions #1 explores their physical, geographic and social fabric, to unearth the core issues that face the two cities and practitioners working across a range of sectors in both locations. Taking the form of a newspaper, divided in two halves, the Dublin half of the newspaper has been curated by Fiona Whelan, joint Coordinator of the MA Socially Engaged Art (Further, Adult and Community Education) who has brought together the diverse voices of students, staff, artists, activists and lecturers from the first cycle of the MA. The essays, reflections and polemics represent a broad spectrum of positions within the Irish context, voices from inside and outside institutions which influence the cultural and pedagogical landscape of socially engaged art. Sitting side by side these contributions are read through the lens of the other, the combined Dublin-Chicago collection intending to operate as a cross-sectoral curriculum to stimulate conversations between individuals and organisations, institutions and cities.

The MA SEA (FACE) started up in Autumn 2013 with a group of 14 students, embarking on the first cycle of a unique Socially Engaged programme in the city. As a site for experimental learning and critical debate, the MA SEA (FACE) is committed to immersing itself in a trans-disciplinary enquiry. As such the MA is committed to building relationships across sector with partners in UCD and is delighted to have diverse contributors from UCD enter the dialogue. The partnership with Stockyard Institute marks our first international collaboration. TransActions #1 signals the beginning of a long term project that will extend such  engagements with a range of future partners.

Launch Event Details

When: Mon 15th June – 6pm
Who: Ailbhe Murphy, Director, Create; the national agency for collaborative arts in Ireland
Where: School of Education, 2nd floor, Design Building, NCAD

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TransActions #1 is funded through Stockyard Institute and the NCAD+UCD venture, a HEA-funded project to develop the institutional relationship between the National College of Art and Design and University College Dublin.