Head of School
Professor Alex Milton BA (Hons), MA, PG Cert, FIDI, FRSA

Department of Design for Body & Environment

Head of Department
Angela O'Kelly, BDes (Hons), MA

Lecturer in Jewellery & Objects
Sally Collins BA (Hons), MA

Lecturer in Jewellery & Objects
Michael Cunningham ANCAD

Technical Assistant in Jewellery, Metalwork & Digital Fabrication
Anthony Carey BDes (Hons)

Jewellery Secretary
Breda Culhane

Lecturer in Fashion Design     
Linda Byrne ANCAD,  BDes (Hons), MIDI

Lecturer in Fashion Design
Natalie B Coleman, BA (Hons)

Lecturer in Pattern Cutting
Sandra Cotter Dip Fashion Design & Technology

Lecturer in Fashion Knit
Clare Daly BA (Hons)

Lecturer in Fashion CAD
Cathy Mooney BA (Hons)

Technical Assistant in Fashion
Anne Cullen

Lecturer in Printed Textiles
Andrew Campbell BSc (Hons), MA, PGCE

Lecturer in Printed Textiles
Samantha Corcoran ANCAD, BA (Hons), MFA

Lecturer in Constructed Textiles
Rachel Tuffy Dip Arch Tech, BA, MA

Technical Assistant in Fashion & Textiles  
Bernie McCoy BDes (Hons)

Technical Assistant in Printed Textiles  
Olga Tiernan BDes (Hons), MDes 

Fashion & Textiles Secretary
Fiona Larkin

Fashion & Textiles Secretary
Mairead McDermott

Department of Product Design

Head of Department
Sam Russell BDes (Hons), MA

Lecturer in Product Design and Medical Device Design
Enda O’Dowd BSc (Hons), MSc 

Lecturer in Product Design 
Dr. Katharina Pfützner ANCAD, BDes (Hons), PhD

Lecturer in Product Design
Caoimhe MacMahon, BA (Hons), MA

Lecturer in Interaction Design
Dr. Marcus Hanratty

Lecturer in InteractionDesign
Emma Creighton, BDes

Technical Assistant in Product Design
Gerald Nolan, ANCAD, BA (Hons)

Faculty and Product Design Administrator
David Bramley

Department of Communication Design

Head of Department 
John Paul Dowling, BA (Hons), MA

Lecturer in Illustration
Brendon Deacy BA (Hons), MA, MIDI

Lecturer in Graphic Design and Moving Image
Ed McGinley, ANCAD, MA, MIDI

Technical Assistant in Communication Design
Jamie Murphy, BDes (hons), MA

Communication Design Secretary
Fiona Hodge BSc


Head of Design Innovation & Commercialisation
Derek McGarry BA (Hons), MA, MFA, MIDI