Portfolio Submission 2017


Portfolio Submission Guidelines 2017 - Click to view

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  • AD101 - 1ST Year Art & Design (Common Entry)

  • AD202 - 1ST Year Design or Fine Art and Education

  • AD212 - 1ST Year Product Design

  • AD215 - 1ST Year Visual Culture - No Portfolio Required


There are two parts to the application process for NCAD.

1) CAO Application
All applications for full-time first year undergraduate study must be made through the CAO (Central Applications Office)  www.cao.ie
The deadline for CAO Applications is Wednesday 1st February 2017.

2) Portfolio Submission
A portfolio submission is required as part of the application process for all studio degress at NCAD
The deadline for portfolio submission is 4.30 Friday 10th February 2017

Information on the application procedures and course offers can be found at Study-at-NCAD.

Product Design:  Applicants for Product Design are asked to submit their portfolio at the same time as applicants for AD101 Art & Design (Common Entry) and AD202 Design or Fine Art & Education (10th February 2017). Offers are based on the Portfolio Submission and are not combined with an interview. Portfolio Submission Guidelines for Product Design are included in the printed Portfolio Submission Guidelines.



Do all programmes at NCAD require a portfolio submission?

A portfolio submission is required for all studio degrees at NCAD: AD101 First Year Art & Design (Common Entry), AD202 Design or Fine Art & Education (Second Level Teaching) and AD212 Product Design.

What should I include in my portfolio for NCAD?

An entrance portfolio is a collection of visual work that shows your potential to study art and design at third level. The Portfolio Submission Guidelines set out clearly what is required in terms of the volume and scope of the work you should submit as your portfolio. The NCAD portfolio requirements are designed to reflect the kind of projects students are expected to do in First Year.

When should I bring my portfolio to NCAD?

The deadline for submitting your portfolio is 4.30 PM Friday 10th February 2017. We will accept portfolios any time in the two weeks up to that date. If you need to submit your portfolio earlier please contact the Admissions Office: admissions@ncad.ie  Please note it is your responsibility to submit your portfolio on time, we do not send reminders about this date. The address for portfolio submission is:

The Admissions Office,
NCAD, 100 Thomas Street,
Dublin 8, Ireland.

Can I get an extension on the deadline for Portfolio Submission?

It is not possible to get an extension on the submission deadline – all portfolios must be presented by the published closing date.

When can I collect my portfolio?

Portfolios can be collected from NCAD for up to 3 weeks after the end of the portfolio assessment. You will be given information on collection dates and times. If you need to collect your portfolio early please let us know and we will arrange to have your portfolio assessed and ready for collection.

How will my portfolio be assessed?

Details on the assesment criteria for the portfolio submissions can be found on page 16-17 of the Portfolio Submission Guidelines.

When will I be told the outcome of my portfolio assessment?

We will write to you by the end of March with the result of your portfolio assessment. This letter will tell you if you have achieved the necessary score for a conditional offer. A conditional offer is an offer that is dependent on you meeting the minimum academic entry requirements through your Leaving Certificate, FETAC Award or other. If you do not get
a conditional offer we will tell you if you are on a waiting list for an offer. Each year we make a number of offers to applicants from the waiting list.

Offers are made in August through the CAO. All applicants are placed on a ranked list based on portfolio score. Offers are made in descending order from this list to applicants who have met the minimum academic entry requirements.

More information can be found at Study-at-NCAD.