News - The Change Lab

The School of Education has produced a short video capturing the recent Change Lab showcase and event at NCAD.

The Change Lab showcases concerns of Development Education as part of the Education Department teacher training programme at the NCAD, in conjunction with the aims of the Ubuntu Network. Development education is an educational process that is concerned with building a student’s knowledge, awareness and understanding of the world that they live in, and how that world is often an unequal one in terms of Human Rights and social justice (social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political, social rights, resources and opportunities).

Education for sustainable development extends the context of Development Education to go beyond the social justice thematic parameters of Development Education to also include issues focusing on the environment and the importance of maintaining and protecting the planet while meeting our development needs.

The NCAD School of Education Professional Master of Education students are exploring development education and education for sustainable development concepts through the lens of Art and Design, so it is important for us to ensure that the art processes and visual research methods, intrinsic to the subject of art, remain at the forefront of this exploration.


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