NCAD Gallery presents, ‘Jorōgumo’, solo exhibition by emerging ceramicist Etaoin O’Reilly.

The NCAD Gallery is pleased to present Jorōgumo, a short-term solo exhibition of ceramic work by award winning emerging ceramicist, Etaoin O’Reilly.

Thursday, 5th May - Monday, 9th May 2016

Exhibition opening: Thursday 5th May at 5pm-7pm. Jorōgumo is opened by Lisa Young, Head of the NCAD Ceramics Department.
Exhibition opening times: Friday 6th and Monday 9th May, 10am-5pm.

The NCAD Gallery is pleased to present, Jorōgumo, a short-term solo exhibition of ceramic work by award winning emerging ceramicist, Etaoin O’Reilly. In 2014, O’Reilly graduated from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and succeeded in winning the coveted Future Makers Award 2015 - affording her the opportunity to take up an internship in London with British potter Kate Malone. On completion of her internship, she returned to Ireland where she moved to the National Sculpture Factory in Cork before joining a residency program in the NCAD’s ceramics department.

For Jorōgumo, O'Reilly displays a series of twelve ceramic stoneware forms, each piece hand built using techniques of coiling and press moulding finished with bright nano matt glazing. Taking inspiration from the Japanese tail of the Jorōgumo spider lady employed as a thematic device, the series focuses on how predators attract their prey. O’Reilly presents artfully installed, strikingly coloured forms with white bodies camouflaged by their surroundings in a bid to conceal their true form - ready for attack.

Image: From the Jorōgumo series by ceramic artist Etaoin O’Reilly, courtesy of the artist.

* The NCAD Ceramic Residency is a platform for artists to gain further experience within their chosen field, providing awardees' with access to a wide range of facilities while simultaneously providing technical support. This opportunity gave Etaoin O’Reilly the chance to further her practice toward exhibition, resulting in her current series Jorōgumo.

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