Cliona Harmey

Part-time Lecturer

My work is influenced contemporary and historical technologies, technical histories, contemporary sculpture and DIY electronics. I am interested in different ways of making elements of ephemeral/ live information/data more concrete or tangible through sculpture, software, film, photography and electronics.

Specifc areas of interest include : communication technologies, infrastructure, sculpture, electronics, software hardware, artists engagements with technology, public art/ audience engagement.

Public Art

Dublin Ships was a major temporary public artwork commissioned by Dublin City Council as part of their “Interaction and the City” Public Art Programme with support from the Dublin Port Company, Dublin Docklands Development Authority. Project website here:

2015 Collaborative project with Katy Fitzpatrick, art educator, Dr Aislinn O’Donnell, philosopher, and Martina Galvin, visual artist with 4 primary schools.

Feature Article on the project on the Department of Education's “Arts in Education” Portal.

Practice based Research Project

Troposphere; presented at Pallas Projects, Dublin 2014
Referring to the lowest atmospheric layer and literally meaning “sphere of change”, the troposphere is the site of weather, turbulence and atmospheric transformation. Inspired by this mutability Troposphere was an exhibition of systems-based sculptural works that were concerned with spatial, broadcast and environmental phenomena (flight data, light, atmospheric pressure). The works existed at the intersection of sculpture, object hacking, diy/enthusiast electronics and live transmission.

NCAD Related Research Projects

In Public in Particular International EU Funded project with partners in Zagreb, Turku & Antwerp. The Dublin project and workshop elements are co-delivered between the Fine Art Media and Sculpture Departments at NCAD.

Media Dept Open Lab projects funded by Spatial Arts and Visualisation Fund -UCD:

The Sensed Environment with Claire Nidecker as lead and “Eye in the Sky" with Cliona Harmey as lead. Overall research was conducted through a series of specialist workshops (from Fiona Mc Donald, Pierre Jolivet), through student project and exhibition entitled "Earth Body Street Sky. The project included an introductory seminar with visiting lecturers (Amy Walsh Fineart DIT and Steve Davis Archaeology UCD) and related practice based research.
The project included an introductory seminar with visiting lecturers (Amy Walsh Fineart DIT and Steve Davis Archaeology UCD) and related practice based research.

Solo exhibitions

2016   “Block and Receive” Butler Gallery, Kilkenny work was made on residency at The Sirius Arts Centre with film work carried out at Hawlbowline Naval Base facilitated by members of Irish defence forces.
2014   “Troposphere” Pallas Projects, Dublin

Recent Group exhibitions

2016  “Telling Lies” curated by Paul Mac Aree at RUA RED
2016   Lacuna group show at Taylor Gallery, Dublin
2014   “Phoenix Rising: Art and Civic Imagination”, The Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin.
2013  Tulca –“The Golden Mountain”, Galway
2012  Into the Light: works from the Arts Council Collection, The Model Arts Centre, Sligo.
2012  Last, Group show at The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin.
2011  Quantified Self” at The Lab, Dublin group show curated by Sheena Barrett in collaboration   with Shimmer Medical Devices.
2010   “The Idea of Distance” solo exhibition as part of “Unbuilding”. Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray.   Curators Cliodhna Shaffrey, Eilis Lavelle and Rosie Lynch.

Systems at Sea: on Cliona Harmey
Francis Halsall  commissioned text which provides overview of practice published in tandem with launch of Dublin Ships.

Paper Visual, Dublin Ships, Temporary Public Artwork by Dennis Mc Nulty (July 2015

The Irish Times, “The shipping news: Dublin is reacquainted with its docks” by Gemma Tipton (Feb 11, 2015)

Collected, Dublin Ships, Review by Sara O Brien, May 2015

Visual Artists Ireland VAN Newsletter July/Aug 2015 “Circulation & Exchange" artist's account of the project by Cliona Harmey

Art historian Gabriel Gee In conversation with Cliona Harmey, Dublin, 20 October 2015 as part of TETI (Textures & Experiences of Trans-Industriality ) Group ships Cliona Harney.htm

Phoenix Rising Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane Issue 2 / November 2014

Cliona Harmey in conversation with Logan Sisley
(pdf available to download here)

MEDIA CLIPS Culture File by Luke Clancy “Dublin ships” podcast Irish Times Video Series – Dublin ships 

art project connects the city with the docks