Creative Letterpress

Course Description:

The work will be mostly self-directed with any assistance needed provided by the tutors, with two printing press in operation. This may take the form of a short edition of prints; posters; broadsides or pamphlets with the hope that each participant will complete two to three projects in the week.

The work can be purely typographical or image making can be introduced with printing from linocut. The Abbey play may form the inspiration for some of the work or participants may choose to look at the wider oeuvre of GB Shaw. Some may be further inspired by our location in the historic city centre Liberties area of Dublin or the work of other great Irish writers, poets and novelists.

Participants are recommended to arrive with some ideas prepared to take full advantage of the time in Distillers Press.

Work from Distillers Press is also annually donated to the collections of the National Library of Ireland and the Rare Books Section of Trinity College Dublin.

View or download the Proposed Creative Letterpress Schedule here.