VAP Audit/Credit

Audit/Credit courses are studio based practical and theoretical courses that are suited to students interested in developing a professional visual arts practice.

VAP A/C Modules

Applications open: 02nd July 2018
Application deadline: Thursday 06th September 2018
Portfolio: Not Required
Course duration: VAP can be completed in 1 year or up to 3 years
Course fee: Fees charged per module - more information

About CEAD VAP Audit / Credit Modules

The Certificate in Visual Art Practice, is a multi-modular programme for students who want to attend flexibly and complete within one or over three years.   Audit and Credit courses offer students an opportunity to choose a structured course where assessment is optional. Two options are provided for students
taking Audit/Credit courses:

Credit option:

Students submit their work for assessment by tutors and gain appropriate credit and may be used for accumulation purposes towards the completion of a Certificate, Diploma or Degree.

Audit option:

Students follow the full course programme but do not submit their work for assessment and do not gain credit for accumulation purposes.

Students should complete four modules; three studio practice modules and one module in visual culture which is mandatory.  Students should choose a module from within each category in order to progress and accumulate credits.

VAP Certificate consists of Audit / Credit Modules (complete four modules, one from each category in order to achieve the Certificate)  Further details of content and learning outcomes on all modules can be found in the autumn prospectus.

  • AC02 Drawing processes and visual research for fine art and design practice
    Tutors: Helen Killane - BA Fine Art, H.Dip.Education, MA Fine Art Berni Markey - BA Fine Art
  • AC03 Drawing/Print/Mixed Media
    Tutors: Anne Marie Keaveney - BA Fine Art, M.Litt
    Barbara Dunne - Diploma Fine Art

  • AC04 Studio Process and Techniques through Project Development
    Tutor: Jackie Duignan - ANCAD, BA, MSc
  • AC05 Extending Your Visual Language | Level: 6 NFQ
    Tutors: Mary Burke - BA Fine Art, MA Anthropology, MA Digital Media
  • AC06 Drawing and Sculptural Processes
    Tutors: Vivian Hansbury - Diploma Fine Art, MA Fine Art
    Margaret Fitzgibbon - MA
  • ACE, Exploring Creative Embroidery, Tutor RoseMary Cullen MA,

  • AC07 Materials and language of painting | Level: 6 NFQ
    Tutors: Kenneth Donfield - Diploma in Fine Art
  • AC08 Painting and Research methods for Fine art practice
    Tutors: Felicity Clear, MA, Beth o'Halloran, MA, Tadhg McGrath
  • AC09 Ceramics
    Tutors: Brigitta Seck - Diploma Fine Art, MA,
  • AC10 Printed Textile Design, Tutor Mel Bradley, MA,
  • AC11 Jewellery Design, Tutor, Erika Marks, ANCAD,
  • AC12 Bronzecasting as a Sculptural Process, Tutor, Vivian Hansbury
  • ACVC Visual Culture Tutors;Fiona Loughnane, MA, Tina Kinsella, MA,

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