CEAD Certificate and Diploma Courses

The Centre for Continuing Education in Art and Design at NCAD provides opportunities for learning during the autumn and summer. You can choose from a range of part-time evening Certificate courses: Photography and Digital Imaging (P+DI), OR Drawing and Visual Investigation (D+VI), OR Visual Art Practice (VAP). Each course carries 20 ects, and on completion students can progress to the part-time Diploma in Art & Design. See below for further details.

CEAD offers certificate and non-certificate options for adults who choose to study part-time. In an era of lifelong learning, CEAD aims to provide a diverse programme of courses, which offer flexible, quality learning opportunities, that enable access, support progression and transfer for students who wish to further their visual arts education.

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VAP Certificate A/C modules

VAP Certificate A/C modules

The Certificate in Visual Art Practice offers flexibility and variety and can be completed in 1 - 3 years. Alternatively individual modules may be taken either assessed (credit) or unassessed (audit).

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D+VI Certificate

This Drawing and Visual Investigation course signals a departure in the provision of visual arts education and the role of CEAD in creating opportunities for lifelong learning. This one year certificate course is for ma....

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P+DI Certificate

This Photography and Digital Imaging one year part-time course offers students an opportunity to extend their visual vocabulary and explore the creative possibilities of photography within contemporary visual art and de....

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Part-time Diploma in Art & Design

This part-time undergraduate course offers an opportunity for mature students interested in establishing a personal direction in their art and design practice to attend a flexible programme leading to an NUI Diploma

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Graduate Diploma in Community Arts Education

Continuing Education in conjunction with the Faculty of Education, also provide a Post Graduate Diploma in Community, Arts, Education. This course is for students who already have a Degree or equivalent, and are interes....

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