External Examiners & Annual Report

NCAD appoints External Examiners with international expertise in their field, as moderators of the assessment process, to review suites of modules related to subject areas either within or across Schools. Within each programme, the External Examiner reviews the academic standards, curriculum development, assessment and grading strategies and practices of the programme.


Letter sent on Friday 17 July regarding changes to tax arrangements and fees for the end of year examination for 2020

Email sent to externs on Friday 22 May 2020 regarding arrangements for assessments

Extern Guidelines

Please read through the following guidelines:

You may want to refer to UCD's Academic Regulations, to which NCAD is subject:

New Externs

Please complete a New Extern Set-up Authorisation Form and return the Word document to ocallaghank@staff.ncad.ie.

Report Templates

To write your end-of-year report, please use the following template:

To write your INTERIM report, please use the following template.  Note, although Interim reports are not mandatory, they are very helpful to NCAD.  So we would appreciate you completing an interim report; in the template, or in your own report:

Guide to fees and expenses

For clarification of fees, expenses and tax, click here.

To claim for using your own car, click here for travel rates.

Expenses Claim Forms

To claim for your fee and expenses, please use one of the following forms:

Annual Programme Review Report and Response to External Examiner's Report

For Programme Co-ordinators completing the Annual Programme Review Report and responding to the External Examiner's report:


PhD Report

For reporting on a PhD degree:

Expenses Claim Forms (Research Degrees only)

To claim for your fee and expenses, once you have read the thesis for a research degree (MLitt, PhD etc) and completed your role as extern, please use one of the following forms:

If you have any questions, please contact your Programme Contact, or Kilian O'Callaghan, Co-ordinator for External Examiners: ocallaghank@staff.ncad.ie.