The NCAD Gallery invites NCAD Graduates of 2020 across all disciplines to submit proposals for the OPEN CALL 2021. DEADLINE 31 January 2021, 00:00hrs

Monday, 8th March - Monday, 12th April 2021

The NCAD Gallery is now inviting NCAD Graduates of 2020 from all disciplines to submit proposals for the OPEN CALL 2021 opportunity. DEADLINE Sunday, 31 January, 2021, 00:00hrsAs part of the NCAD's continued commitment to our Graduates of 2020, we are excited to announce a Graduate 2020 OPEN CALL 2021 which invites our graduates across all disciplines to submit proposals for collaborative projects. The winning proposal will be supported to develop a new project to be platformed in the NCAD Gallery and on NCAD's digital channels, 8 March – 12 April 2021.


DEADLINE :: Sunday 31 January 2021, 00:00hrs.
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In what context is the Open Call situated? In September 2020 the School of Fine Art graduates produced widely watched Open Studio behind-the-scenes films broadcast on the NCAD Instagram channel. The NCAD Gallery continues the support of our 2020 graudates through its Graduate 2020 Exhibition Series in 2021, beginning with the Master of Fine Art (MFA) 2020 Graduates Exhibition, 14 - 28 January, followed by the School of Design 2020 Graduates film project presentation produced by NCAD Bureau +, 1 – 14 February, and finishes with the MA / MFA Art in the Contemporary World 2020 Graduates presentation, 15 - 25 February 2021.

The NCAD Gallery Graduate 2020 OPEN CALL 2021 affords our graduates the opportunity to present new work to public audiences. Proposals can be submitted by a graduate cohort from any discipline which may extend to a cross-disciplinary or trans-disciplinary approach, that includes 2020 graduates' of the School of Design, Fine Art, Education or Visual Culture.
Proposal .PDF outline guide
  • Format: Proposals may describe but are not limited to the presentation of a discussion or lecture series, performances, screenings, workshops, written work, exhibition or event. 
  • Location: Proposals may be made for the NCAD Gallery and Harry Clarke House Foyer.
  • Budget: The winning proposal will be supported by the NCAD to develop a new project.
  • Access: The winning proposal will be promoted by the College and open to view by public audiences in compliance with Covid-19 heath and safety regulations.
  • Application: We will only accept one .PDF document per proposal submitted electronically via email or google drive link to, with the subject line: GRADUATE 2020 OPEN CALL 2021. 
  • In your proposal please include
    Your name(s), Department(s) graduated from in 2020, Contact Email Address(es)
    A project title
    A project proposal text (300 words approximately)
    A practitioner(s) description of why the proposal would work in this particular context (300 words approx.)
    Supporting material & examples of previous work: linked references, images, scans, social media, weblinks
  • The deadline for receipt of applications is Sunday, 31 January, 2021. For further inquiries contact: Anne Kelly NCAD Gallery | In Public Programme Curator
NCAD Gallery, National College of Art & Design, 100 Thomas St., Dublin, D08 K521, Ireland.  

Recent Graduate Exhibition Examples 
Link  Tongue The Sun, (2020) by artist Jonah King, is an online exhibition experience of new work to focus on conversations on queer ecology. This newly commissioned project opens with a reading from the essay, Unfathomable Intimacies written by Jonah King and live streamed on the NCAD Gallery YouTube channel.
Link  An Evening of Conversation, (2018), with artists Isadora Epstein and Stéphane Béna Hanly. They are hosting a talk, which holds and withholds information about: entrances, the Baroque, drapes, Flemish Painting, disappointment, doors and infrastructure. Expect investigations and connections to be made. The evening will be a sculpture, a presentation, and a dialogue all at once.
Link  NEU-GEN 2017: Towards Both the Parts, (2017) a curated group exhibition of new works by recent graduates of the NCAD: Cillian Finnerty, Áine McBride, Jules Michael, Denis Mortell, Sven Sandberg, Saoirse Wall.
Link  Bored With a Hole, (2016) is a two person exhibition of works by visual artists Hannah Fitz and Daniel Tuomey. Fitz and Tuomey graduated from NCAD in 2012 as part of a supportive network of emerging Irish artists, cemented by their shared involvement with the artist-run initiative Basic Space. They have remained confidants and engage in a continuous dialogue on many points of convergence in their practices. This is the first realisation of their collaboration in a full-scale exhibition featuring newly conceived sculptural, video and performance works.
Link  KIPPLE, (2014)  featuring five artists brought together through a common sensibility in their approach to abstract painting. The exhibiting artists, George Warren, Eveleen Murphy, Natasha Conway, Andrew Simpson and Daniel Jackman all graduated from the NCAD’s bachelor or master degree programmes of 2013.
Link  WORKHEAD, (2013) is an exhibition and publication of work produced by six recent graduates of the National College of Art and Design, Dublin: Jason Dunne, David Eager Maher, Sam Keogh, Joseph Noonan Ganley, Marcel Vidal, Francis Wasser.

Student Open Call Examples 
Link Purgatory & Panalobby, (2020) these two group projects represent Erasmus+ student collaborations between the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, and partner institutions Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (organised by students Andrew Kernan, Lucas Kaiser, Bairre Mac Ráighne and Paul Wilting) and Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany (organised by student: Alejandra Montoya).  
Link gender.RIP, (2019) a trans-led multi-disciplinary art collective occupied the NCAD Gallery organising a programme inclusive of exhibition, workshops, talks and zine making that focused on local and international trans and queer creative communities. Organised by visual culture student  & SU Equality officer: Lu Saborío (2018-19).
Link  Local Art and Park, (2018) an exhibition and programme of events to mark the progress of an NCAD student art project based on Bridgefoot St. Park, Dublin 8. Organised by Sculpture student: Andrew Wielens.
Link BARE ISSUE 2, (2017), Graphic Design Magasine Launch & Exhibition. Organised by graphic design students: Deirdre Rawle, Conor Foran and Lucas Garvey.
Link Nu. Ethical & Fashion Revolution, (2017) NU. SWAP SHOP and panel Discussion, 'What would Carry Somers do?', with panellists Carry Somers (Fashion Revolution), Rosie O'Reilly, and Kate Nolan. Organised by Fashion student: Lucy Bowen.
Link Jorōgumo, (2016) a solo exhibition by ceramist, Etaoin O’Reilly (student award recipient of the NCAD Ceramics Dept. Residency).
Link Growing Closer, (NCAD Garden), (2016) interdisciplinary exhibition. Organised by students: Fabian Strunden (Product Design) & Rian Coulter (FA Print).
Link Cé leis é?, (2015) interdisciplinary curated exhibition. Organised by students: Alanna Blake (FA Painting), Lucy Bowen (Fashion Design), Jenny Drea (Fashion Design), Julia Dubsky (FA Painting), Octavian Fitzherbert, Grainne O’Carroll, Sean O’Riordan.
Link  Basic Space, (2012) The student-led collective presented the 'Basic Space Shop' as part of the 'New Ecologies of Practice' exhibition, NCAD Gallery. Basic Space artist founders: Hannah Fitz, Kari Cahill, Greg Howie.