Apple Mac Security

  1. Enable a login password on your device
  2. Enable Filevault encryption (therefore if device is lost or stolen it will be more difficult for someone to access your files)
  3. Ensure that the screen saver is turned on and that you have to input a password to unlock (therefore if you leave your device unattended no one else can use it)
  4. Ensure you have Antivirus software installed e.g. Sophos ,
  5. Ensure you have the latest Apple security software patches. Click here for more information
  6. Ensure your device firewall is turned on. Click here for more information
  7. Ensure you have the latest versions of web browser and other software installed
  8. Please use different passwords for logging into your device, email, social media sites, etc
  9. Enable "Kill Switch" on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Click here for more information


Device Security:

  • Use a cable lock to lock your device phsically by using a cable lock
  • If leaving your workspace for a period of time either take the device with you or lock it in a secure locker
  • Use a device TrackR