Library Guidelines

How many items can I borrow? 

Reader Category  # Duration
Undergraduate Students 10 2 Weeks
Postgraduate Students 15 4 Weeks
CEAD Students (Certified) 10 2 Weeks
NCAD Staff 20 4 Weeks
Journals (All Readers) 2 4 Weeks
DVDs (All Readers) 4 1 Week
External Readers (Books) 2 2 Weeks
External Readers (Journals & DVDs) 2 Journals & 4 DVDs 1 Week


How many times can I renew my loans? 

Item Type Number of Renewals
Books 4 Renewals
Journals 1 Renewal
DVDs 1 Renewal 


Library Help 

A series of EML Help vidoes are available on our YouTube channel.

A series of information guides on topics like search strategies, starting research projects, and citation are available for online consultation, along with a series of topic-lead research guides. 

Guidelines of the Library

  1. Membership of the Edward Murphy Library is open to all NCAD staff and registered students on award programmes.
  2. The person registered for membership is responsible for all material borrowed on the library account.
  3. Books can only be issued when the borrower shows their current College ID card.
  4. Borrowers must return material to the Library by the due date. Borrowers with overdue material must return their items before they are permitted to borrow or renew further items. 
  5. All Library materials must be treated with care.  Any material which is lost, damaged or destroyed while in the possession of the borrower shall be paid for.
  6. Removing, or attempting to remove, any item from the Library collections without permission will be regarded as a serious offence by the College.
  7. Mobile phones should be kept on silent in the Library. Library users who wish to take a call should leave the Library to have their conversation.
  8. Former students & members of the public are welcome to apply for External Membership.
  9. Borrowers who have exceeded a set level of fines will not be allowed to borrow further material until their debts is reduced below that level. *

* Fines are currently suspeneded 

Care of Loans

1. If a loan is lost or damaged, the cost of replacing it will be charged to the borrower. 

2. It is not permitted to alter or deface a library book in any way, whether by marking it in pencil or pen, turning down pages etc.

3. In wet weather, please take special care with your library loans.  

4. While on campus, please keep your loans in your possession or safely locked away.

5. You may not lend your student ID card to others for library use. 

Lost or Damaged Library Books

1. Please report any lost or damaged loans to the Library Issue Desk without delay. If you wait until the item is overdue, you will have to pay late fines in addition to the replacement cost.

2. You can pay replacement costs by debit or credit card at the Issue Desk.

3. If payment has not been recieved with the item is due,  the item is deemed overdue and all late charges will be added to the cost of replacement.

4. If a missing item turns up, please return it in person or by post to the library.

External Membership: 

Former students or those with no previous connection to NCAD are welcome to join the library as external members. Readers in this category are entitled to borrow 2 books for 4 weeks; 4 DVDs for 1 week, and 2 journal issues for 1 week.

Alumni Readers: 

€75 for 12 months (6 month membership is also available)

Non-Alumni Readers: 

€120 for 12 months or €60 for 6 months.

Non-accredited CEAD students:


If you are interested in joining, please contact