The 2020/21 Academic Year has begun, it is great to have learning happening on campus again. Thanks to all of you – students and staff – for being so mindful of NCAD’s COVID-19 Protocols. This is so important for the health and safety of all, and for keeping the campus open!

Update 23-10-2020: Message to all Students from the Director, Professor Sarah Glennie

I hope that you and your families are all well during this difficult time. 

Thank you for your flexibility in moving to online learning in order during the week of 19 October to allow us the time to review our response to the nationwide move to Level 5 restrictions and to identify additional measures that we needed to put in place within the College. 

As you are aware, our current provision of onsite teaching and learning is operating within very high levels of safety protocols and will continue from Tuesday 27 October 2020. Adjustments to protocols are required in certain areas and those students whose timetable needs to change have been notified by their Head of Department. 

In light of the higher level of transmission within the wider community, we have undertaken a full review of our activities on campus and the following additional safety measures will be in place when you return to the campus next week;

1) Face coverings are now mandatory at all times on the entire NCAD campus, inside and outside of buildings. They can be removed inside while eating at your desk and at a 2m social distance from those around you; and when smoking or seated at the screened benches when outside. Other than these exceptions they must be worn for the duration of the day. 

2) Please take a step back from one another and maintain as much distance as possible when using any outside spaces on break periods. 

3) Please sanitise your hands before using any materials, tools, or machines another student will be using after you. 

These measures are in addition to the safety measures we asked you all to adhere to when you returned to the Campus at the start of term;

  • Sanitise your hands on entering buildings, workshops, teaching spaces.
  • Physical distance must be maintained where possible, this includes inside buildings and outside spaces.
  • All shared tools and machines must be cleaned before use, and after use.
  • Clean desk and workspace policy is in place across the campus.  Please clean your work surfaces, desk and chair at the beginning and end of each day. 
  • Please clear your work away from your work area to be stored where possible, or taken home at the end of each day. 
  • Please stay in your studio as timetabled and do not move around the campus buildings, or interact with other studios.
  • Please respect your fellow students, and the staff members as we work together during this challenging period.
  • Please act responsibly when outside of the college campus, especially when on field trips, or research visits. 

Thank you all for your great commitment to support the NCAD community by following these measures until this point. We would ask that you continue to each take personal responsibility to ensure that your behaviour on and off campus is at all times mindful of your safety and the safety of those around you, and that you ensure that these additional measures put in place from next week are followed at all times. 

Best wishes, Sarah

What to Expect at NCAD in 2020/21 

In exceptional circumstances that may be with us for some time to come, our shared challenge at NCAD is to frame a learning experience that reflects our ambition and commitment to ensuring every student has access to a learning experience that is dynamic, resourced and transformative. 

Return to Campus

This page contains important updates and information that you will need in order to prepare for the start of the new academic year. It is designed to ensure that your time on campus in 2020- 21 is safe and comfortable.

NB: You will receive an email shortly from your Head of Department with the date and time for your on-campus COVID inductions. No students will be permitted on-campus before this time.

NB: All students must complete the Return to Campus Student Declaration Form by Thursday 1st October 2020
Students who have not completed the declaration will not be permitted to attend the NCAD Campus. If you have any questions around the Return to Campus Declaration contact the COVID-19 Student Support Officer, Emma Coen: studentcovidmanager@staff.ncad.ie

Welcome to NCAD 2020-21

NCAD 2020, Staying Safe

NCAD Return to Campus Guide

Return to Campus Student Declaration Form

All students must complete the Return to Campus Student Declaration Form by Thursday 1st October 2020. Students who have not completed the declaration will not be permitted to attend the NCAD Campus. If you have any questions around the Return to Campus Declaration contact the COVID-19 Student Support Officer, Emma Coen: studentcovidmanager@staff.ncad.ie

Response to Level 3 Restrictive Measures


COVID Resources

Visit our dedicated COVID site for more resources for students and staff.


For information on Registration please click here.


NCAD Induction Webinar Schedule 2020

The NCAD Induction Webinars are your introduction to all aspects of life at NCAD, and will take place online. You will receive your log-in details by email.

The COVID inductions will take place on-campus, and you will be contacted separately about these important sessions which will equip you to use the NCAD campus safely.


Thursday 1st October

10.00 – 12.00pm

Student Support Services: Counselling, Access, Finance, Careers

NCAD Health and Safety Induction

Friday 2nd October

10.00 – 11.00pm

Student Support Services:  Disability, Learning Support, Assistive Technology

NCAD Students’ Union

12 – 1.00pm

TOPIC:  First Year Library Induction Webinar



More information on the shape of the year ahead:

New Learning Approaches

We know that social distancing and significant health and safety constraints will be required for some time to come, depending upon global success in combating the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, we are developing teaching strategies that will support you to be bold and curious in your learning, in ways that meet the needs of our disciplines, so that together we can foster the new thinking that is needed now more than ever as society faces and shapes the world.

In redesigning our learning environment we are working to make it possible for all students experiencing issues with access – for health reasons or due to broadband difficulties - to achieve the learning outcomes of their programme. Programmes will be adopting a ‘flipped classroom’ approach; a flipped model of teaching is one in which introductory material is shared and early phase work conducted remotely and then ‘tested’ in class and completed on campus. Wherever possible classes will be delivered in a way that can be accessed remotely, with priorities for work on campus being determined according to the needs of each programme. All aspects of our teaching and learning (contact, specified learning activities, self-directed learning), will include on-campus and off-campus engagement and activity in significant measure.  

What proportion of time can I expect to be on campus for?

Under the blended learning model being developed at NCAD, you can expect to be on Campus for at least 2 days every week, with additional time on a third day in some weeks. You will receive a detailed timetable during September, before teaching starts.   

All time on campus will be scheduled time. 

Please note changes in timetables and schedules may be required in order to comply with any updated government health and safety directives. 

Will clubs and societies continue to operate? 

Clubs and Societies will continue to operate. The College Management Team and the NCAD Students’ Union are working together to map the needs of the Union’s clubs and societies to identify what it will be possible to support on the Campus, and to put in place processes and protocols to ensure that it is possible for the Students’ Union to continue to offer their services to you in the year ahead.

Health and Safety Protocols: Covid 19

There will be specific health and safety protocols in place to ensure a safe return to the campus for all. As part of the return to campus you will be asked to fill in a Covid-19 Declaration. You will also be required to participate in an online health and safety training session before attending campus.  In addition, as part of the online Registration process you will have an opportunity to indicate whether you are in a High Risk or Very High Risk category of vulnerability as defined by the HSE.  If you do fall into one of these categories appropriate measures will be taken following consultation between you, Student Support Services and your tutors.