Origin8 is NCAD’s industry gateway and innovation hub.

It is a centre for commercialisation and innovation, where campus spin-outs work to establish their business and design researchers collaborate with companies across a range of industries.    

At Origin8, our experienced staff help guide clients and design residents through the various options available for their research requirements.  Our highly skilled designers have extensive experience of successfully delivering projects for a range of clients. 

With Origin8, NCAD is aligning our organisational culture with the Government’s aim of making it easier for businesses to access expertise in higher education, as in Knowledge Transfer Ireland.  Our primary objective is to focus on innovation and creativity, and to develop the key intellectual capital necessary to transform ideas into new technology, products and services.

If your company is interested in exploring design solutions or is looking to research a new aspect of your work, or if you’re a design start-up looking to develop your business, then Origin8 is the place for you. 

Further information on how you can collaborate with – or work from – Origin8 is included in the following sections.

Working with our Students

Working with our Students

NCAD design students have the skills, knowledge and ambition to help your business find inspiration, develop new product ideas and conduct research.

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Working with our Researchers

Our team at Origin8 has extensive experience of innovation and commercialisation research projects.

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Incubation for Entrepreneurs

We provide incubation space for start-ups in an innovative environment, with a focus on campus spin-out start-ups and related creative enterprises.

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Contact Us

Origin8’s experienced staff members guide clients and design residents through the various funding schemes available for design research. Contact us to find more about how you can get involved.

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