Working with our Researchers

Our team at Origin8 has extensive experience of innovation and commercialisation research projects.

We work closely with Enterprise Ireland, which provides a range of research grants, such as innovation research vouchers, innovation partnerships and technical feasibility grants. The majority of our research focuses on product development and service design across a wide range of disciplines, including product design, visual communication and medical devices. 

Clients usually approach Origin8 with an idea for a research project.  Before the project commences, a contract is drawn up, outlining all of the agreed outputs and the specified timeframe.  Our project management team at Origin8 then work with the client to create work packages to ensure the successful and timely delivery of the required outputs. 

Two clients with which we have worked on research projects include the global healthcare company, Hollister, and the leading Irish jewellery business, Solvar. Click on the company names to find out more about our work with Hollister and Solvar.