Working with our Students

NCAD design students have the skills, knowledge and ambition to help your business find inspiration, develop new product ideas and conduct research.

By accessing our emerging talent to assist with creative projects, you also gain the support of our experienced faculty-members, who work to ensure all commercial partnerships are learning experiences for our students, but also deliver the high standards and results expected by industry clients.

Typically, commercial clients approach Origin8 with an idea for a product they are keen to develop.  The idea generally addresses a specific customer demand, a problem that needs a solution or a market opportunity / requirement.  Before the project commences, a contract is drawn up, outlining all of the agreed outputs and the specified timeframe.  Our project management team at Origin8 then work with the client to create work packages to ensure the successful and timely delivery of the required outputs.

One example of a successful partnership between NCAD students and a commercial client is our work with PwC. Click here to read more about this partnership. 

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