CPD in Visual Art for Primary Teachers

NCAD Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Visual Art for Primary Teachers 2017/18. In collaboration with Blackrock, Drumcondra and Dublin West Education Centres.

Summer Courses 2018

Details of Summer schedule for CPD workshops can be found below. All of the Summer courses take place on the NCAD campus at 100 Thomas Street in Dublin 8 and run for the full week from 10am to 2.30pm daily. Please email cpd@staff.ncad.ie with any questions.

Literacy & Numeracy through Visual Art in NCAD and its environs - Dates: 2nd to 6th July (3 courses)  OR  20th to 24th August (3 courses) - Book through any of the 3 Education Centres (details below).

The content of this summer course has been developed in collaboration with a group of Primary teachers. Literacy and Numeracy will be explored through the following Visual Art Strands: Fabric and Fibre (2 days), Clay (2 days) and Drawing (1 Day). Participants will explore various methods of puppetry techniques suitable to different age groups.
Participants will explore illustrative techniques in a variety of media and create their own illustrated book. Participants will create clay tiles based on a literary genre of their choice and will explore numeracy themes in the creation of three dimensional clay pieces using a variety of ceramic techniques e.g. pinching, coiling and slabbing.

Exploring Well-Being through Puppetry in the NCAD - for Primary and Post-Primary teachers - Date: 9th July to 13th July - Venue: Room 207, School of Education, NCAD - Facilitator: Niamh Lawlor - Book through Dublin West Education Centre (details below)

Participants on the Puppetry course will explore and experience Well-Being through puppet making with artist and puppeteer, Niamh Lawlor, from Pucá Puppets. Participants will be introduced to puppetry traditions in different cultures with particular focus on the making of puppet. The various stages of the puppet design process, including storyboarding and exercises to facilitate puppet character development will be explored. Participants will make
a working puppet using additive processes (construction using paper card and mulch papier máche). Costume design and puppet finish will also be covered in the course. Teachers will also experience a wide variety of assessment approaches (Afl, Aal and Aol) and assessment strategies for application in their own classes.

Ceramics for Well Being in the NCAD - Primary and Post Primary teachers - Date: 9th July to 13th July - Venue: Ceramic Studio, NCAD - Facilitator: Brigitta Seck - Book through Blackrock Education Centre (details below)

This summer course has been specifically designed for Art teachers and Primary teachers with an interest in Ceramics. Over the five days of the summer course Art teachers will explore and experience Well Being through the medium of clay. Participants will create ceramic artefacts using Pinch, Coil and Slab Building techniques. They will experiment and engage in various Slab Decoration techniques e.g. Under glaze, Stencil, Sgraffito and Layering. Participants will learn how to pack a ceramic kiln; apply Bat Wash to kiln shelves; explore firing cycles and ramps. Work made during the course will not be fired but arrangements can be made to have it fired at a later date. Various methods of assessment will be utilised with the summer course participants which can be applied in their classrooms when they return to their schools.

Re-imaging the Italian Renaissance through Drawing & Painting in NCAD - Primary and Post Primary teachers - Date: 13th August to 17th August - Venue: Room 212, School of Education, NCAD - Book through Drumcondra Education Centre (details below)

During the five day summer course participants will examine and explore the potential of selected Renaissance images and re-image them through Drawing and Painting under the expert guidance of Art Historian and Painter, Anne-Marie Keaveney. Work will be executed in acrylics on prepared paper and issues of Composition, Colour mixing and Mark Making will all be explored, collectively as well as by individual tuition. Advice and guidance will be given on editing the images, preliminary drawings, preparation of painting supports as well as paint application and a variety of painting techniques.


All courses must be booked through the Education Centre listed above. 

Drumcondra Education Centre  - Log on to Drumcondra's online booking system to view and book courses. https://ecdrumcondra-courses.com/

Blackrock Education Centre - Log on to Blackrock's online booking system to view and book courses. http://booking.blackrockec.ie/

Dublin West Education Centre - Log on to Dublin West’s online booking system to view and book courses. https://www.dwec-courses.com/