Library User Guidelines

1. Membership of the Edward Murphy Library is open to NCAD staff and registered students on award bearing programmes.  External members may be admitted on application to the Librarian.

2. If requested by any member of Library staff, users of the Library must identify themselves and show any books or other library material in their possession.

3. The person registered on the borrowing card is responsible for all material borrowed on that card.  Cards are not transferable.  Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Librarian and to the Administration office.

4. Books will only be issued to presentation of the borrower’s current Library or College card.

5. Borrowers must return material to the Library by the due date.  Borrowers with overdue material may not be permitted to borrow further items, or renew other items.

6. Fines are charged on overdue items.  Borrowers who have exceeded a set level of debt will not be allowed to borrow further material until their debt is reduced below that level.

7. All Library materials must be treated with care.  Any material which is lost, damaged or destroyed while in the possession of the borrower shall be paid for, at a cost estimated by the Librarian.

8. Unauthorised removal or attempted removal of any item from the Library collections will be regarded as a serious offence by the College.

9. Certain categories of books or other material may be subject to special regulations limiting their use or loan.

10. All users must behave in a considerate manner towards other users.

11. Mobile phones which make an audible sound must be switched off in the Library.  Users who cannot avoid receiving incoming emergency calls on their mobile phones should leave the Library before commencing a conversation.  Outgoing calls from mobile phones may not be made anywhere within the Library.

12. Students who, on completion on their course of study, have failed to return borrowed items, or who have undischarged fines or other payments, will be reported to the Registrar of the College, who may initiate disciplinary action.

13. The Librarian may exclude from the Library any person who breaks the Library rules, or in any way interferes with the convenience of Library users or the work of the Library.