1916 Bursary

1916 'Leaders and Learners' Bursary 2020/21

The application process for 2020/21 entrants is now open. The online application form can be accessed here: Application Form

The Leinster Pillar 1 Cluster of Higher Education Institutions is delighted to invite applications for the 1916 ‘Leaders and Learners’ Bursary 2020 - 21 funded by the Department of Education and Skills for eligible students in the following Higher Education Institutions – Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire (IADT); National College of Art and Design (NCAD); Marino Institute of Education (MIE); Trinity College Dublin (TCD); and University College Dublin (UCD).

The bursary aims to provide support for economically disadvantaged students from groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education, including:

  • Students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds
  • First time Mature Students
  • Students with a disability
  • Members of the travelling community
  • Students entering through alternative pathways
  • Lone parents with a DSP means-tested Social Welfare payment,
  • Ethnic Minorities - students need to meet the residency and current immigration status or have leave to remain.

Terms and Conditions
To view the Terms and Conditions please click here

For more information please view the FAQ document by clicking here

Any questions not addressed in the FAQ can be emailed to: 1916bursaries@staff.ncad.ie 

Would you like to appeal the outcome decision?

Appeals can be made by emailing 1916bursaries@staff.ncad.ie.  Appeals will be independently reviewed on the grounds that the information provided was considered, assessed and scored correctly. It will not be possible to submit further documentation at the appeal stage.  The closing date for appeals is 17th of November.