MFA in Art in the Digital World

The interdisciplinary MFA in Art in the Digital World offers students the opportunity to develop their practice in fine art and digital technologies through a structured taught programme that enhances their skills and knowledge base and facilitates critical engagement with their field and cognate areas. Postgraduate students will access methods, ideas, critical processes and approaches and share their learning and professional development with peers.

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MFA Art in the Digital World - modules
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
Fine Art Practice Lab (C) Practice pathways: ADW (C) Fine Art Studio R & D (C) Major Project (C)
Research Methods for Creative Practice (C) Art in the Digital World (C) Dissertation (O) Professional Development of the Artist (C)
Socially Engaged Practices (O)   Reflective writing (O)  
Discipline Seminars (O)   Practice-led Curation (O  
Design in the Contemporary World (O)