European Forum for Advanced Practices

NCAD joins a European network exploring research ‘by doing’

Dr Sarah Piece of the School of Visual Culture is one of the originating members of the European Forum for Advanced Practices, a group of 50 researchers who work in universities, art academies, museums, private research centres, or as freelancers from across Europe. The Forum is funded by the EU COST scheme.

EFAP’s broad goal is to establish a dialog between institutional and non-institutional, public and private partners, a dialog based in emergent new forms of research driven by doing.

Coming from more than 15 different countries across Europe,  the participants in EFAP have actively shaped contemporary forms of research in the fields of visual art, art history, philosophy, music, theatre, dance and performance studies, architecture, design and engineering. NCAD, with its long standing interest in artistic research, is well placed to support this interest in research as a practice which extends beyond the library and the archive.

The objectives of the EFAP: 

●       survey the range of emerging practice-driven research modes;

●       develop new vocabularies and typologies for describing and assessing the operations and methodologies of these emergent research forms;

●       develop provisional criteria and flexible procedures for valuing and evaluating them; ●         and propose flexible principles, structures, and procedures, for the fostering of new practice-driven research for institutions, funding agencies, and the private sector.

These objectives will be met by a combination of networking events, workshops, publications and conferences over the next three years.