Gazel is a contemporary homeware brand that lives by the motto, Rethink The Everyday. Gazel focuses on invention, ease and elegance for the modern home.

The Gazel team originally developed an ingenious clothes hanger design that solved problems of convenience and clothes maintenance. Although the design was the outcome of a human centred design study for Arthritis Ireland and Pfizer, the product was conceived with mass-market appeal in mind. The essence of innovation in the clothes hanger has now been extended to other areas of the home, from friendly wall storage solutions to stunningly unique knifes for the kitchen.

With a shared passion to rethink the everyday, Gazel's co-founders Kevin and Ronan approach design with twenty years experience in carpentry, manufacturing, project management and multi-media. The result is a unique combination of ease and elegance at the heart of every design. Overseeing their creations throughout the entire development process, they promise the highest quality in form and finish.

Interested in exploring functionality and ergonomics with an avant-garde style, Ronan and Kevin design ordinary everyday objects, focusing on details to produce smart and sophisticated responses. Dedicated to improving the home experience, Gazel is developing three distinctive product collections:

  • The Living Collection – making organisation a simple pleasure
  • The Creating Collection – elevating the kitchen experience
  • The Enjoying Collection – entertaining with style and ease

Having launched in 2014 with their unique Clothes Hanger, Gazel continues to release new designs from within each product collection to selected retailers.

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