Software for People

an exhibition of scores by Pauline Oliveros

Software for People, an exhibition of scores by Pauline Oliveros and Listen/ed/ing a sound based performance by Karl Burke and Art in the Contemporary World programme at the opening. All are welcome on 10 May 6-9 at the Goethe Institut Irland, 37 Merrion Sq. 

An exhibition of scores by pioneering American composer, improviser and musician Pauline Oliveros. Exhibition runs through August 2019.

The scores are notable for their combination of text and graphic elements, and have been specially selected to relate to the theme of commonality and shared experience.

Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016) was an American composer and accordionist who devised the term Deep Listening® to describe principles of improvisation, electronic music, ritual, teaching and meditation, of which she wrote: “I use the word meditation, rather than concentration, in a secular sense to mean steady attention and steady awareness [...] for continuous or cyclic periods of time” (‘On Sonic Meditation’ 1976).

Karl Burke is an Irish artist and musician based in Dublin. He has exhibited widely in Europe and North America with a recent solo exhibition in the Sirius Art Centre in Cobh as part of the year long Brian O’Doherty project. A site specific sculptural practice, of primary concern in the work is the symbiotic relationship between the art object, the space it inhabits and the experiential concerns related to viewership.   Common Denominator: Art and the Contemporary World at the Goethe-Institut is a two-year programme that interrogates what it means now to speak of political solidarity, civic standards or aesthetic values. Art in the Contemporary World is a postgraduate MA/MFA at the School of Visual Culture, National College of Art & Design, Dublin, led by Francis Halsall, Declan Long and Sarah Pierce. Supported by the Goethe-Institut Irland in collaboration with the National College of Art & Design.

Exhibition of scores with permission from The Pauline Oliveros Trust; Special thanks to Mills College Library, Pauline Oliveros Collection, Archives and Manuscripts Division.