CEAD Credit Programmes

The Centre for Continuing Education in Art and Design at NCAD provides opportunities for part time study leading to a qualification at university certificate and diploma levels(Level 7 NFQ). You can choose from a range of part time evening university certificate programmes: Photography and Digital Imaging (P+DI), or Drawing and Visual Investigation (D+VI), or Visual Arts Practice (VAP). Each of the certificate programmes carries 30 ects. On completion students can progress to the part-time Diploma in Art & Design to achieve a further 40 ects. See below for further details.

CEAD offers credit and non-cedit options for adults who choose to study part-time. In an era of lifelong learning, CEAD aims to provide a diverse programme of courses, which offer flexible, quality learning opportunities, that enable access, and support progression and transfer for students who wish to further their visual arts education. Applicants to an accredited course must be 23 years or over.

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VAP Certificate A/C modules

VAP Certificate A/C modules

The University Certificate in Visual Arts Practice offers flexibility and variety and can be completed in 1 - 3 years. Alternatively individual modules may be taken either assessed (credit) or unassessed (audit).

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D+VI Certificate

The University Certificate in Drawing and Visual Investigation signals a departure in the provision of visual arts education and the role of CEAD in creating opportunities for lifelong learning. This one year programme is for mature students who are interested in participating in a challenging learning opportunity in visual arts education.

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P+DI Certificate

The University Certificate in Photography and Digital Imaging is a one year part-time programme offering students an opportunity to extend their visual vocabulary and explore the creative possibilities of photography within contemporary visual art and design practice.

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Part-time Diploma in Art & Design

The part-time undergraduate Diploma in Art & Design provides mature students interested in establishing a personal direction in their art and design practice an opportunity to attend a flexible programme leading to an NUI Diploma.

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